Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Four

'The Bachelor' season 20 episode four includes drama, embarrassment and more. The top five things that happened on 'The Bachelor' this week include:

1. Olivia jumps out of a cake
In one of the most awkward moments in recent Bachelor history, Olivia jumped out of a cake. This would have been strategic if she would have implemented a plan. Unfortunately, Olivia fell victim to a problem I see every day, which is the difference between an idea and executing it. All future contestants, do not jump out of a cake. 

2. JoJo becomes a front-runner
We have seen very little of JoJo thus far in the season, except for the rooftop. However, this episode kicked off with Ben and JoJo almost blowing away, then going in a helicopter and a lot of kissing. Ben seems less reserved with JoJo and is clearly attracted to her. I will say it again, if JoJo does not win, she should be 'The Bachelorette.'

3. Becca gets a date
It takes a lot of confidence and energy to go back on 'The Bachelor' for another try. I am glad that Becca got a date and the opportunity to get to know Ben. They have a lot of differences, but Becca still got the rose. This relationship may go slower than others, but like last time Becca has staying power.

4. Twins 2-on-1
The twins got a second date this week, which included their mother. In what may have been the most dramatic 2-on-1 ever, one twin stayed and the other one had to stay at home. This date made me wonder what would be worse, getting dumped at your home or across the world? I am going with the place you have to see every day would be worse. 

5. Lauren B remains a front-runner
First impressions are crucial on this show. Unlike Olivia, who appears to be losing her sparkle, Lauren B is maintaining her lead. Lauren B's ability to stay calm on this show is reassuring for viewers and Ben. Something tragically wrong would have to occur for her to go home soon. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"The Bachelor" Recap: Season 20 Episode Three

'The Bachelor' season 20 episode three escalated the show to extreme heights. Lauren B received the one-on-one, who is a person that we have not seen much of thus far. Where do you take a woman who is in the sky every day? Lauren B flew in a small plane, rode over 'The Bachelor' mansion, hung out in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere, had a serious talk with Ben and got  private concert. This date showed the depth of their relationship and that Ben feels comfortable enough to talk about personal information, while also having a fun time. 

Caila already had the first date breakdown where she had stronger feelings than the other women. However, there's no time to cry when a date card has arrived. The group date was about Soccer and Olivia. Olivia did everything in her power to remain the center of attention.

Despite the fact Jubilee thought JoJo or Becca would get a one-on-one date, she gets the card. Jubilee has endured numerous hardships through her lack of family and being adopted.  The women are finding it taxing to understand her personality, especially when she says things like, "who wants my date?" Jubilee seems to have a variety of defense mechanisms that can come off as abrasive. 

Ben and Jubilee had a deep conversation about her past and they seemed to connect on an emotional level. Overall, the connection was strong, which made up for the awkwardness and offering up the date to another woman.

In three episodes we have seen a lot of intensity from hardships to death and developing relationships. The cocktail party was painful to watch, with the most tone-deaf being Olivia's conversation about cankles in such an inappropriate time. 

Other than Olivia, Jubilee found herself in the center of drama. Jubilee stole Ben for alone time and gave him a massage, even though she already had a rose. While he appreciated this, the women did not. As Jubilee sat with Ben crying, Amber kept pushing her about issues that occurred in the house. Typically people argue with other contestants when the lead is not around. As a result Ben, felt closer to Jubilee.

To conclude the night, Lace left before the rose ceremony and Olivia was left for last. I was sad to see Lace leave, but that type of self-awareness was reassuring to see on this show. 

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