Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'The Bachelor' Episode Three Recap

Finally, 'The Bachelor' returned from its to be continued episode. Last week, we saw the Liz situation implode, a date with Danielle M and Corinne. This week kicked off with the cocktail party and Liz news. No one left, no one was mad, and the Liz storyline goes down as one of the most dramatic things to not happen.

The top five moments from 'The Bachelor' week three include: 

1. Everything Corinne

Whipped cream bras, napping, bad dancing and a bouncy house sound like a weird late night TV show. However, this is Corinne's world and we are all just living in it. For all of the people that dislike Corinne, this show would be boring without her. Whether you love her or hate her, she is one of the most entertaining people to ever be on the show. 

2. Vanessa's one-on-one date

Vanessa has been one of my favorites since night one, so I was excited when she got a one-on-one date. The date was off to a good start; Nick and Vanessa were happy and there were no fears or tears. Nick and Vanessa were having a great time and then she started to get nauseous (I would've thrown up way before that, so kudos to her). Then Vanessa threw up on their first date. The producers muted her mic and Nick was incredibly sweet to her. This is one of the realest moments to happen on this show. 

After comforting Vanessa, Nick kissed her. He seriously kissed her after she threw up. This is relationship status so she is clearly a front-runner. Later that night, Vanessa opened up to Nick and he cried. As of right now, this is Vanessa's rose to lose. 

3.  Pool Party  Nanny Gate and Bouncy House Issues

Finally, the women learned about Corinne's nanny. Like most people, they assumed she had a child, but in reality she claims that she is the child. It takes a pool party and a bouncy house for Nick to learn this information from Raven. Nick's reaction was the complete opposite of how he looked when Corrine was on top of him. 

The whole straddling in the bouncy house situation was not accepted well by the women. Unfortunately for Nick, Vanessa was the least impressed. She explained to him that she had a problem with his actions. This may have been the first time in 'The Bachelor' history to call out the lead instead of the 'villain.' In this moment, Vanessa reaffirmed her maturity and Nick looked scared. 

4. Backstreet Boys

In all of 'The Bachelor' seasons, the Backstreet Boys may be the most famous band to be on the show. Grab some fruit roll ups and Lisa Frank notebooks to complete the millennial nostalgia. Reference #1 for the most entertaining parts of the date. 

5. Track Record

If the Backstreet Boys were not enough, track starts Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter showed up. Fun fact: we learned that in addition to being on 'The Bachelorette' Nick is great at running. One of my favorites, Rachel finally got a date. Nick made sure to spend time with her, before and after she shattered the glass non Neil Lane ring. Astrid took advantage of the situation and jumped in the hot tub with Nick.

At the cocktail party, Dom spoke with Nick about the lack of attention she received on the date. He quickly sent her home, because their relationship wasn't on the same level AKA she was an annoyance.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall Premiere

'The Bachelor' premiere on Monday made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, so much that our neighbors probably hate us. I always forget how much more entertaining 'The Bachelor' is compared to 'The Bachelorette.'

For the small chance that someone has been living under rock for the last three years, we get a refresher into Nick Viall, his lovely family and his inability to find love thus far. Then familiar faces show up, like in previous seasons to give advice.

Then it's time for the video packages. The women in these packages are typically mixed with who stays around and who goes home soon. They can't put all of the winners into the beginning or that would give it away. 

The top five things we learned from the video packages: 

1. Corinne has a nanny, if the show ended in that moment I would've still been happy.

2. Rachel is a successful and fun lawyer who has all of the staying power.

3. Raven was totally casted for Luke Pell, sorry Luke.

4. Vanessa is a beautiful girl who is a special needs teacher, do you really need to know anything else?

5. Danielle M. is sweet, has a great job and just happens to be close to where I got engaged in her video.

The video packages are the just the beginning, because we have a night full of limo entrances and a cocktail party. If you must know anything about this episode it's that almost everyone wore red, except for the shark who claimed to be a dolphin. Why didn't anyone tell my girl Rachel not to wear red?

First impressions: 

Rachel is super engaging, fun and successful, which means she will make it far.

Corinne is the most likely to not make friends, but come back on 'Bachelor in Paradise' with her nanny.

When Vanessa walked away, Nick said she was a keeper. In addition, he made sure that he spoke with her. Unfortunately, Corinne interrupted their one-on-one time.

Liz is the one night stand who keeps on giving. She had the chance to give him her number, but declined. Then after he went on Bachelor in Paradise and became 'The Bachelor,' now she cares. She is lucky that she is part of the story line or she would have been gone immediately because I don't take Nick as a person who is good with being rejected off-screen.

Danielle M. was extremely nervous, but her hair was on point. Nick seemed to be into her, and she is on of my fiancĂ©'s favorites. 

I feel like Raven is going to be the Luke of this season, where I am not a fan, but really don't have a great reason as to why. For this, I am sorry already. 

Shark girl is very sure that she is a dolphin, but she is just a hammered (head) shark.

The camel and hot dog book shenanigans seemed next level weird, even for this show. 

After a long cocktail party, Corrine kissed Nick, but Rachel took the rose. 

I love that Rachel, Vanessa and that Danielle M got through night one. Other than those ladies, I am so excited to see Corrine on this show. I really want her to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Here is to hoping that she at least gets a hometown date. 

Those are the women I am rooting for, how about you? 

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nick Viall is 'The Bachelor' (I was right)

Bachelor Nation, Nick Viall is 'The Bachelor.' Even though we have known for more than a week, I had to watch the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale, before sharing my excitement. I am proud of ABC for making a controversial choice for the next lead. While watching Bachelor in Paradise, there were numerous times that it seemed like Nick was getting set up for the gig.

Nick is the underdog, he is funny and will bring entertainment to the show. I am hoping his wit and personality will even out the drama. I was against Luke being 'The Bachelor' from the beginning, because he was too calm and boring, which is great for real life. He will find someone without the TV, but for the show Nick is and always has been the right choice.

Here are the examples of when I wanted the Bachelor to be Nick:

What do you think about the choice for 'The Bachelor?


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

'Bachelor in Paradise' Couples

'Bachelor in Paradise' was a wild ride for the contestants and viewers. While there is a lot that happens in the process, it comes down to the final couples. I have ranked them in order of my favorites and why. 

1. Evanly = Evan + Carly

When Evan Bass showed up on Bachelor in Paradise, it seemed that it was for the sole purpose of having a Chad vs. Evan fight 2.0. However, Evan seemed to find interest in Carly Waddell and Amanda Stanton, and no one reciprocated. Carly said some harsh comments about Evan that made us believe there was no hope for the couple. In true Evan fashion, it only took one date to the hospital for him to have a chance. Ever since, they were getting along, Carly was attracted to them and they ended up being the most liked couple in paradise. If anyone can learn something from this season, it is give anyone a chance even if they are not your type. You never know where your Evan may be out there in the world. 

2. Grace = Grant + Lace

This couple was the king and queen of ups and downs. Lace Morris started the season out with her Chad relationship and that fizzled out in a hurry. Then when Grace happened, Lace was still very uncertain about the situation. Through the fantasy suite and tattoos, the result still seemed unclear, but when it came down to the finale, an engagement happened. I don't know how I feel about this combination of personalities, but I wish them the best.

3. Jamanda = Josh + Amanda

Josh Murray showed up on his apology tour, post-Andi's book reveal. There was so much controversy with Nick Viall being on the show and 'vying' for the same woman. While that didn't last long, the dislike for Josh remained. There was a lot of talk concerning his temper and reasoning for being on the show. Amanda didn't seem worried, even though Josh was quick-tempered regularly through the show. I hope that was just the environment and they are happily engaged. 

4. Nick and 25 women

Unfortunately, we knew a week in advance that Jen and Nick would not leave together happily ever after. Therefore, I included Nick + 25 women in my poll, and they made second. Check out my next post for my thoughts on him getting 'The Bachelor' role. 

Who is your favorite couple? According to Twitter, Evanly was a strong first with Nick + 25 women in second, and then Jamanda and Grace. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Finale JoJo Fletcher Gives her Final Rose

‘The Bachelorette’ finale aired last night, and it was one for the ‘The Bachelor’ history book. I have to admit I wanted JoJo Fletcher to be the Bachelorette more than anyone, I even predicted it. However, there was a difference in liking JoJo as the lead and buying into the finale.

Jordan seemed to hesitate a lot, but that could have seemed more extreme, because Robby was so in love with JoJo. It was easy to see early on that she was the most interested in Jordan, if anything, Luke seemed as if he would be the runner-up. When he went home after hometowns, it was Jordan’s game to lose.

The most surprising part of the finale was when Jordan didn’t originally ask JoJo’s parents for her hand in marriage. While that may not be a definitive tradition, it was important to her and made him look unsure. Luckily, Neil Lane showed up, Jordan picked out a ring and he called her parents.

I asked my Twitter followers, if JoJo made the right decision and while it was a close poll, the majority said no.
Do you feel JoJo made the right decision? I can't wait to Tweet 'Bachelor in Paradise' with you all. 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Episode Six Recap

When families are on the line there is a lot at stake. This episode was by far the best of the season. There was so much drama from a weird group date to Jordan's family drama and more. 

As we get closer to the finale it is difficult to keep a top list, so here is your episode recap.

Bachelorette and US hero, Alex got a one-on-one date. Even though Alex and JoJo has established a connection, it was not enough and Alex got sent home. We are all thankful for Alex's service in the military and doing the impossible and beating Chad. 

Jordan gets another one-on-one making him, the Oprah of one-on-one dates. This date goes from fun drinking at a vineyard to serious really quickly when JoJo asks who she would meet at his hometown. Jordan replied that his middle brother wouldn't be there, as if everyone would not know who that is. 

The most realistic of all date award goes to Robby, James and Chase. As a result of bad weather, the men had to watch TV and eat in a hotel room with JoJo. This date was low budget and entertaining. 

Luke got the final one-on-one of the season. He impressed JoJo with his shooting and riding skills. They seem to have a good time and Luke did not bother me as much this episode. Let's not forget the fact that they coordinated with each other. 

Who is your favorite? 

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

'The Bachelorette' Episode Five Recap

JoJo and her remaining men arrive in Buenos Aires. Just when you think the drama left when Chad did, you learn that you are far from correct. 

First, let's start with my top five list from last week, Jordan, Robby, Chase and Luke. Let's see how these men scored in this episode.

1. Wells

Wells may be the strangest choice for number one. However, Wells has been one of my favorite contestants ever. He is cool, unusual for the show and I do not think there has been anyone like him. For someone who is extremely different than the typical contestant he got along with the guys well and JoJo. The men had given Wells a difficult time for not kissing JoJo. Sadly for Wells, the same day he finally got the nerve to kiss her, he also got dumped. I was yelling at my TV, no not Wells.

2. Chase

Chase got a date card for the second 2-on-1 date of the season with Derek. This was extra entertaining because Derek claimed that Chase was in a clique with Jordan and Alex. This tango date was awkward, because while Chase was unsure, Derek was positive he would get through. Lucky, for Chase, his lack of cockiness did not leave him disappointed.

3. Luke

Luke stays out of the controversy and all of his moments with JoJo get stronger. If slow and steady wins the raise, Luke may win his fellow Texan's heart.

4. Jordan

Jordan continues to stay in the top four or five, because this feels like the Jordan show no matter what. 

The Non-honorable Mention List: 

1. Derek

Derek was cocky and seemed to be the most overconfident first one-on-one date person there has been in a while.

2. James Taylor

James Taylor showed insecurity by throwing Jordan under the bus. You never, I repeat, never throw one of the favorites under the bus. Bad move, James, bad move.

He needs too much reassurance for a person who agreed to go on this show. 

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