Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'The Bachelor' Episode 3

New kid on the block--Jimmy Kimmel is the host of the week. Clear front-runners emerged this week, we heard a terribly sad story, saw farming and experienced grocery shopping.

Kaitlyn #1 One-on-One Date:

Chris and Kaitlyn get the opportunity to join an 'exclusive club' and the exclusivity of this club entails anyone who likes bulk items. Grocery shopping tells a significant about a person, whether they are indecisive, impulsive, etc. There are plenty people of contestant past that would have lost their temper over this, everyone loses their sparkle at Costco. 

After shopping, the couple goes back to the house to cook for their third wheel, Kimmel. The conversation of this date was hysterical. Kimmel thinks Chris should choose Kaitlyn because of the 'hall pass.' 

Kaitlyn is funny, has fabulous hair and is very laid back. She would make a fantastic Bachelorette. 

Group Date #1: 

For this date, a series of images tells a lot more than words. 

Whitney #2 One-on-One Date: 

This lady is obviously 'Team Chris'
Whitney is a hometown girl, she has that Louisville friendliness. If only I met people like Whitney when I travel through SDF. 

First, they get their drink on at a winery and decide to crash a wedding. Her living in Chicago (somewhat near Iowa), having a job that you can do anywhere (the nurse part, not necessarily the fertility) and her being stunning really makes sense for Chris. Kudos to them for successfully crashing the wedding. 

Pool Party: 

The pool party was sad, because of Juelia's story, but in true Bachelor fashion everyone else started acting crazy. Ashley I. had a breakdown and then made out with Chris on the balcony and I was concerned for his welfare. Why must everyone on this show named Ashley freak out? 

Rose Ceremony: 

Ashley I told Chris she wanted a rose toward the beginning, like he has control over that. If you want anything on this show, do not say it at all and just keep it a secret. 

I am excited for next week and hope that Ashley S. brings out the crazy again. No one wants to lose the world. Follow me for tweets during the show @BachelorExpert.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'The Bachelor,' Episode 2 Recap

Sorry for the delay in recaps. During the premiere I was in Grand Cayman. Then somehow 'The Bachelor' did not record the second episode, which made me feel how Ashley S. feels at the end of the night. I was in traffic during the first 15 minutes and that would not mean anything if it was any other episode.

Nothing ever happens except this time and I missed Kimberley asking to come back. First of all, if a person gets sent home on the first night they are a winner. Other than making it to final four, a person who goes home on night one usually does not make a fool out of themselves. The people who make it in between have no chance of being the next lead and a lot more opportunity to get a bad edit. It is not personal on the first night, if someone wants to be ruined, how about after the final three?

Other than Kimberley, there were so many things about this episode, aliens, hairy confessionals and complete crazy moments. Part of the episode I was bored, then I was starving and finally I was amazed. 

Group Date #1: 

I get the tractors and even swim suits. No one on this date seemed the least bit interested to be there though. Maybe they were looking for a country singer or helicopter. Then talk about a shocker, Mackenzie got the date rose.

I did not see that coming, but more than that I did not predict the alien and nose talk. I am not sure if she was trying to prepare him for the child talk by blowing his mind with other subjects, but I was thinking 'is this real life?' She told about her Whole Food inspired tike, little Kale and got the rose. What is worse than sending someone who may or may not be mentally insane home? A person who just told about their child takes the cake in that scenario. 


Megan is the winner of the first date. Her hair looked fabulous, but was a little underwhelmed by the outfit. The helicopter showed up and I am certain I could never ever be on this show (even if I didn't have a boyfriend). I have to take Dramamine an hour in advance at least.

They make it to the Grand Canyon and Megan tells about her father passing away. Chris seemed very empathetic and quickly followed with a kiss. First comes a kiss and then it's rose time. 

Group Date #2: 

The zombie date is very fitting considering one participant in particular, Ashley S. Now I love this show, my blog's name is 'Bachelor Expert' because I take the show for its producing and editing, but still manage to like it. Ashley S. is the read deal though. There is no way that can just be editing. Whatever she is mixing should be the next Skinny Girl cocktail. She is a character out of a book. Seriously, if Gillian Flynn needs some inspiration she should watch this show.

Surprisingly there are other people on this show, other than just Ashley S. Chris likes Kaitlyn and even more important, I like Kaitlyn. Every season there is a really funny girl, we have had Kelly, Jaclyn, Michelle and more. Kaitlyn is that girl, I hope she is 'The Bachelorette.'

Then we have the victim of first impression syndrome, Britt. Chris turns into Jello when she is around and I am convinced his note to her actually said, 'save me from Ashley S. now.

Kaitlyn gets the rose and Britt gives major side eye. 

Cocktail Party:

I was full blown hangry and smelling my lasagna by this point. The things I remember are Ashley I. eating Chris' face, Jordan's own Jamie moment and calm Whitney giving him a bottle of whiskey. Whitney is normal and mentioned that her brother-in-law is from Iowa. She is in this to win this in the best way. 

Rose Ceremony:

Jillian answering to the wrong name and then falling won this entire rose ceremony. Unfortunately, Kimberley got sent home again. The rest is a blur, I was eating dinner by this point.

Luckily my recapping will be back on a normal schedule. You can tweet with me Monday night at @BachelorExpert


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Friday, January 2, 2015

Chris Soules 'The Bachelor' Season 19: Bachelorette Contestants Preview

The Bachelor is back on Monday, January 5 at  8 p.m. I have 30 problems and they are all the amount of contestants on this show. To avoid extreme boredom, I went ahead and chose six people to talk about.

This preview will put the super in superficial, because it is solely based on their bios, photos or if I thought I would be friends with the person.  Below is some information from the bios, my thoughts and on a scale of one to 10 how likely I think the person is to win.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! More importantly, I will be tweeting the show from paradise if all goes according to plan, if not you will most likely see a distress signal in the air (or on Twitter).

I am here to make friends and say a lot of overused Bachelor phrases. We might as well do so together, tweet with me @BachelorExpert.


Ashley I
Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 26, a freelance journalist and has great eyelashes. You can write from anywhere, but the lack of a near Sephora may damper this lovely lash lady’s beauty routine. 

On a scale of one – 10: four 
Reasoning: Dirt in Iowa vs. Dry Bar 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment 

Becca is 25 and a Chiropractic Assistant. People have bad backs and achy necks everywhere, so this job is realistic. San Diego to Iowa seems like a rough adjustment though (can’t wait for the puns).  I like her peach top and sense of humor, since her biggest date fear is the famous Dumb and Dumber scene. 

On a scale of one – 10: eight
Reasoning: Her job is realistic and she seems funny. If they do not end up tying the knot she can at least get the knots out of his back. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 29 and a cruise ship singer. The whole cruise ship job may make this unlikely, but if cruise ships ever start staying on land, I would be more likely to get on one. She is the member of the Waddell family, remember one of my favorites, Zak W? The Waddell’s do well on this show, sno-cones and all. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: Sno-cones> everything else, the job may hurt her chances though. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 28 and a cosmetic developer. My right reasons’ radar is go off though, because that does not seem like a feasible job for Iowa. She may ditch the concealer for a combine though. We have seen crazier things before. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: I wonder if she is willing to give up LA for Iowa. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

Jillian is 25, a news producer and wore the perfect color for her BIO photo. Have we had a Jillian since Harris? Also, she looks the most likely Andi. 

On a scale of one – 10: five 
Reasoning: News producers have late and overnight hours, so driving far to a news station seems difficult.

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

The 28-year-old guidance counselor at the very least will keep the girls from crying. Hopefully we can avoid “Did you sleep here?” and “Did you pay for it?” moments by having Kelsey around. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: Children need guidance everywhere. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

A 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago seems like the perfect match for Chris. She is from the Midwest and has a job that would work in a small town.  In addition, she is gorgeous and has great hair. 

On a scale of one – 10: nine and a half
Reasoning: It seems like the easiest transition, plus how beautiful would their children be?  

Photo rights belong to ABC/Disney Entertainment. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bachelor Summer Recap

I really fell off of the blogging wagon this last season and a half with finishing school (graduated woohoo), starting a new job and really liking the people on the show. A lot has happened in the Bachelor world since I last blogged. 

I cheered for Andi all of the way through Juan Pablo's season and really love her and Josh together. I have said multiple times how interesting it was to watch a season where the contestants did not have girlfriends, were not disappointed with the lead and all fell in love. When there is not any drama and you like the lead there is not much to talk about. The only drama all season was Tricky Nicky at the After the Final Rose, which was a low blow I might add. 

We are in middle of Bachelor in Paradise which is a perfect mess. This season is filled with fan favorites some being my Bachelor pals. 

I love Michelle Money being back on TV, she is the only person I have interviewed twice. Of course having Chris back was funny as ever, he is a trooper and is the only person who still follows me after so much Twitter snark. I have been surprised by the amount of coupling up (except for Kovacs he has been doubling and tripling up). 

Regardless of when Marcus and Lacy go home she won. She got out of Juan Pablo's season on the first night, got Marcus to fall for her and managed to make it all the way to the bathroom before throwing up. If that does not deserve an award I do not know what does. 

The recreation of the Putz balcony fall and Kalon solo date are my top Bachelor in Paradise moments so far. 

Then the next Bachelor was announced. I had my fingers crossed it would be Chris. He seems like such a good guy and there are not enough people in his town for him to find love. Arie was not neutral enough of a contestant, I liked him on Emily's season but that was a long time ago and that would be a tough sell. Chris will be charming and the girls will be crazy and we will all tweet in happily ever after. 

Follow my live tweets @BachelorExpert.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"The Bachelorette" Season 10 Episode Six Recap

“The Bachelorette” episode kicks off in Italy and the guys are very excited. Sporting v-necks and hoodies, the guys are shocked when Andi explains the next one-on-one starts immediately.


The date goes to C-O, just kidding the date goes to the person who does not play with others. Nick looks like he could be the child of Ben Flajnik and Spencer Pratt. Andi and Nick hang out and the get all dressed up for a fancy dinner. Nick explains how he is offended by being called the frontrunner and everything that happened last week. The night ends with a mask and a make out session.

Group Date:

The guys are distraught that they have to participate in the lie detector test. I feel they should take a breather and be happy that they do not have that man who always appears on Dr. Phil. The test questions range from “are you here for the right reasons” to “do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?”

Dylan who does not wash gets hands get cold feet or dirty hands and does not feel well. He goes back to the hotel for no reason though because she does not read the results. Andi why did you not read them? I am terrified that she and the contestants will all get the norovirus because of poor hand-washing practices.

Brian steals Andi away for one-on-one time and he really has some game. Then the guys do a collective kick in the face to whoever is the “secret admirer.”

I do like Josh but he was totally sour grapes during this date, maybe it was the scarf cutting off circulation or something.

Chris admits he is the secret admirer and Andi could already tell. Andi feels that he makes their alone time like a date and gives him the rose. In return, JJ throws a fit and does not want to be happy for him.


Cody finally gets a date and he is thrilled. I love how excited the guys were for him to get a date. Their date is to read love letters and it is really sweet. Cody is a solid guy and I am not even talking about muscles.

For dinner, Cody wears a v-neck and a blazer. The dinner starts out casual but ends with Andi in tears and Cody saying the long he is kept around the more he is trouble. She respects him too much to let him stay and Cody realizes that he just got six weeks of vacation.

Cocktail Party:

Nick who has a rose pulls Andi away and this continues to show how he cannot play well with others. Dylan is going to interrupt and I have fingers-washed, I mean fingers-crossed that he washed his hands before.

Everyone is on their game during the party and Josh feels the most insecure because he was Debby Downer about the lie detector date. She did not read the results so drop it.

Rose Ceremony:

JJ goes home, old man version and all.

Follow me @BachelorExpert to live-tweet with me during the show. What are your thoughts on this season and guys?



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends" by Courtney Robertson: Review

I recently got the opportunity to review Courtney Robertson’s new tell-all book, “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.” I read the book in a few hours so before you judge book by its cover or a person by their ITM (In the moment interview) I promise you should keep reading.

I read the book without looking at any reviews or excerpts and I am glad I did. People seem to be caught up on the hot button issues, which are good and juicy I might add, but the book is more than that.

Ben’s season was filled with a lot of entertainment, but Courtney was the entire show beside Jaclyn’s one-liners and Blakeley drama. As much as Courtney was given a hard time by everyone, including me at times, I always stayed true to the fact that season would have been a snooze fest without her.

In the book, Courtney gives her side of “The Bachelor” story and the first thing you must know is she really did love Ben and confirms that the experience was real. Throughout the entire season it seemed like she just wanted to win and while the humor did not translate as well as it could have she honestly liked him and wanted their relationship to work.  

For all of the people who are upset about her calling people out, I think saying she is “throwing people under the bus” is a little dramatic and seems as if it is without merit. Now she does knock a few people off of their pedestals, but can you honestly blame her? She is one of the most vilified contestants in Bachelor history and if viewers saw some of the things she talks about in her book, then a few of the “favorites” wouldn’t have that title.

Top 10 Interesting Things From the Book (In no particular order):

1. Courtney almost did not go on the show and even changed her mind a few times.
2. A lot of my favorite contestants have advice columns in the book. (Michelle Money, Jaclyn Swartz, Chris Bukowski)
3. That every snappy comment usually had something to do with the Pink Ladies.
4. All about the hilarious scene that seemed straight out of the “Bridesmaids” movie.
5. The details behind the skinny-dipping situation and what happens in the fantasy suite.
6. Ben changed immediately after the show was over.
7. The Flajnik family dislikes chain stores and didn’t even like when Courtney modeled for chain stores.
8. Some things Bachelor secrets are so scandalous that names could not be revealed.
9. How and what happened during the short fling with Arie.
10. Ultimately, she wanted the relationship with Ben to work.

She never claims to be innocent in the situations that viewers saw on “The Bachelor” but gives insight to the other sides of the story. You will not be able to put it down because it is juicy yet endearing, hilarious but still serious and everything in between. If you are a true Bachelor fan you will love this book and if you do not want to read it because of fear it might throw someone under the bus or be a little edgy, are we really watching the same show?

“I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends” is on sale today.  You can get the book on Amazon, Harper Collins and more. If you do not read it I am not convinced you are here to make friends.

Tweet me at @BachelorExpert or comment below.


Disclosure: I received an early copy of the book to review by Harper Collins and Courtney Robertson. This review is completely based on my opinion of the book.

Monday, June 23, 2014

"The Bachelorette" Suave Review

If you have been watching “The Bachelorette” this season you have seen the Suave commercials including Andi Dorfman, Catherine Lowe and Desiree Hartsock. I got to review the products included in the sophisticated ponytail look that was featured on Andi Dorfman in last week’s commercial.

The products include:

Split End Rescue Shampoo

Split End Rescue Conditioner

Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil

The shampoo and conditioner smell great and not too strong. It definitely has a scent similar to coconut. After using those products I used the Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil which I LOVE. It leaves hair smooth and not frizzy even on the most humid days.

Stay tuned for a Suave Giveaway on my Twitter @BachelorExpert.

For now, check out more about Suave here and watch the video on how to get Andi’s date night hair below.



Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for a review from Suave. These opinions are mine and based on my own experience.
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