Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise' Season Two: Week Three Recap

Hurricane Samanthan made landfall this episode and the results on 'Bachelor in Paradise' were horrible. This episode focused on Joe and Juelia/Samantha, Ashley/Amber and Dan and happiness involving Carly and Kirk. 

Joe + Samantha = upset Juelia

The Joe and Samantha relationship is exhausting. Joe is the perfect example to what I see in advertising, his idea is not the worst part of the situation it is his execution. If Joe would have gone on the show and found someone who was not attached to anyone then people would not be as mad.

However, Joe went for the woman who had two other men vying for her rose, one of which she had formed somewhat of a relationship with, other than just wanting the rose. Joe made her believe that those men were making up lies about him all during the time that Clare did not have anyone to give a rose to. Through all of this Joe was deceiving Juelia when there were other options of sticking
around. Even more so, he showed interest and said things that he did not have to in order to get a rose.

The worst part is Samantha was actually friends with Juelia and did not listen to her and worse, did not care. If Samantha had the plan to meet Joe all along she should have told her friend before going on the show. Joe is the worst and he could have received a rose without everything he did. Now Samantha is saying that she was under the 'Joe spell.'

Some words of advice to Samantha, being a villain on this show can easily be vindicated if people take responsibility. Saying you are under the 'Joe spell' when you had equal planning in this if not more is ridiculous. People leave the show with friends more often than love, you chose love and humiliation. It is important to own up to it and try to move on from this show.


Dan Breaks up with Ashley S and then goes out with Amber:

Dan and Ashley S were a great couple. Couples who hospital together, stay together, right? I guess not because Dan claims Ashley S went crazy, even though we never saw the proof. If there is no footage, which cameraman failed? Also, if there is footage and we did not get to see it, why?

Dan breaks up with Ashley and I do not want her to leave. In all fairness to Dan, he was respectful about it. He did not deceive her just to be with someone else. I hope Ashley does not leave, but 'Bachelor in Paradise' is for the birds.

I do wish the producers would stop telling people who is coming on the show. I think they should have to find out when they get there and if two people like the same person, then we will just have some organic drama.

Despite what 85 percent of the air time shows us, there are two happy couples that started the show together. The first couple is Tanner and Jade with Carly and Kirk being the second. I did not realize that Kirk and Carly had not been on a date yet. It seems as if it would be impossible to miss, since we have been watching the Ashley I, Clare, Joe, Samantha and Dan show.

During Carly and Kirk's date we learn that she missed her brother from Desiree's season, Zak's wedding. It is so awkward for a minute because if she does not end up with Kirk was it all for nothing? Yes, but we got insight into another fantasy suite morning after, during this episode of BIP. ABC is really stepping up with the transparency regarding the morning afters. I do think they should have clarified what a fantasy suite actually is on Bachelor of Paradise, which really means anywhere with air conditioning and no Joe.

JJ and geography expert, Megan go on a date after she 'finally' finds the hotel. Whichever person thought it would be a great idea to drop Megan off somewhere in Mexico and have her talk about Chris Harrison, deserves a raise. JJ insults Megan about her intelligence. However, Megan completely describes people like JJ when she talks about her typical type, so she knows what she is getting into.

For the record I definitely think that 'After Paradise' was better this week. Next week remember that the next Bachelor is revealed.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise' Season Two: Week Two Recap

'Bachelor in Paradise' is as hot as the humid hot weather in Mexico and there will not be a drought because of the constant waterfall of Iaconetti sisters' tears. The sisters are hysterical; however, the Tenley love-square and Joe entrance is heating paradise up more.

The Top (Only) Five Things That Happened on 'Bachelor in Paradise' this week are: 

1. Iaconetti Sister Breakdown

Princess Jasmine and Cinderella's relationship is one of the main focuses of 'Bachelor in Paradise.' Ashley needs Lauren, but Lauren wants Josh and then Josh wants Tenley. As a result, Lauren leaves because it is 'hell' not paradise. As a result, Ashley is devastated and breaks down. This causes Ashley to lash out at Lauren, in which she tells her that she will always be second in her 'boyfriend's' life. Then Lauren tells Ashley that at least she gets men. Bless their parents and who would watch these two on a future TV show (raises hand)? 

2. Joe is the Worst

I had to start with the sisters, so Joe is number two, because of numerous reasons. Let's start with the fact that I was not a fan of him last season. He was short-tempered and extreme when Kaitlyn broke up with him. However, during Joe's return the cast was charmed, which quickly turned to he is a sociopath.

Unfortunately, he played Juelia who has a child, then played Jonathan who has a child and finally Mikey who may or may not be a child. He made the men feel bad for their concerns about him and all that Joe wants is to meet Samantha. Who is Samantha though? She is the gorgeous brunette from Chris' season that did not speak. My point with that was if I do not have a lasting memory of her, then how does a guy the season after her remember her? Either that was a push for dramatic purposes or he met Samantha before the show, because if I predicted the cast she would have not been a consideration of mine, so why was Joe positive she would be there?

Some people think Joe is the worst and others think Juan Pablo. Please let me know what your thoughts are on who is the worst villain.

Finally Joe is a terrible example for Kentucky, please judge the state or at least Louisville on the actions of Whitney Bischoff instead.

3. Tenley's Love Square:

Clearly, this is Tenley's paradise and all of the other people are just sweating in it. Tenley gets with JJ to save herself, then Joshua wants to be with Tenley and then Michael shows up and wants her too. This causes Tenley to be on a date or in someone's arms 24/7.

Let's compare:

JJ--cheated on his wife and lives with parents, but is surprisingly mildly charming on the show.
Joshua--who may or may not do Molly. A Molly has not caused this much drama since Jason went full Mesnick years ago. Now, Joshua is crying bad editing, but with those tattoo choices and lack of Asia geography skills, I am not buying what he is selling.
Michael--He is a corporate lawyer that has a real job. Michael is the unicorn of Bachelor in Paradise, which means she will not choose him.

Tenley chooses Joshua and then we go to a Clare fit and 'To Be Continued' because what is worse than four hours of 'Bachelor in Paradise' in a week? The fact we still don't get an ending to each episode. Meanwhile, I sit on my couch wondering how that is possible.

4. Jared likes Ashley and Clare

Ashley I is ruined when Jared gets a date card and gives it to Clare, who Ashley thinks is old. Since when is 34 so old that you cannot have children? I do not know where to start with Clare Bear and Princess Jasmine, because they are both incredibly entertaining. After kissing on the date and whatever physical effect happened to Clare after bungee jumping, Jared ultimately agrees with Ashley and goes full Aladdin.

5. Joshua talks about drugs and Clare bails at rose ceremony

In an awkward chain of events, Joshua brags about drugs, Vegas and partying. He assures Tenley that it only happened once and as stated above it worked in his favor.

Number five was a combination because neither were strong enough to stand alone. At the conclusion of the episode Clare talks with Chris Harrison because she does not have anyone to give her rose to. Then we get a 'To be Continued.'

Finally, I am still a fan of 'After Paradise.' I like the idea, but not the execution. I love almost everything ABC does. However, the show should be 30 minutes, the co-host should rotate former contestants and there needs to be less cross-promotion. Similar to 'The Bachelorette' and 'The Bachelor' we need celebrities who like the show and other non-ABC people as well. There has to be a healthy balance because currently I feel like I am watching commercials for other shows, while watching a show about the show I just watched. It needs work, but if I know ABC they will find the correct formula.

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