Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2

Season 2 of the Bachelor Pad is right around the corner. The show has a three hour premier on August 8, 2011.
The Women:
  1. Gia Allemand, 26, model from Jake's season who made it to the final three.  She also appeared on the first season of Bachelor Pad, having a minor romance with the infamous Wes Hayden. 
  2. Holly Durst, 28, an author from Matt Grant's season, who has been linked to Michael Stagliano, and is supposedly with a new contestant.
  3. Vienna Girardi, 25, the winner of Jake's season, who was involved in one of the most uncomfortable moments in Bachelor, TV history, "The Break Up." Do not fear Vienna fans, Kasey is here, to guard and protect her heart. 
  4. Michelle Money, 30, spitfire from Brad’s season, who is known for her excellent one liners, and fabulous hair. Cannot wait for Michelle to return to TV. 
  5. Ella Nolan, 31, sweet Ella from Jake’s season, a single mother, who is also a hairstylist.
  6. Erica Rose, 28, law student from Bachelor 9, who loves tiaras. She has been on Vh1’s You’re Cut Off, and Dr. Phil.
  7. Melissa Schreiber, 32,blonde from Brad’s season, who is best known for fighting with the manscaper, Raichel.
  8. Alli Travis, 25, a buyer from Ohio, who proved on Brad’s season that she is terrified of bugs. 
  9. Jackie Gordon, 27, is an artist from Brad’s season. She was the lucky one, who received the Train concert. There are websites that claim she finds love on the Bachelor Pad.
The Guys: 
  1. Kirk Dewindt, 27, personal trainer from Bachelorette Ali’s season. His hometown date was famous, because of his father “The Taxidermist.”
  2. Kasey Kahl, 27, guard and protector of hearts. He is best known for getting a heart tattoo on Ali’s season, and being left on an iceberg. Kasey is currently in a relationship with Vienna Girardi.
  3. Graham Bunn, 32, entrepreneur and southern gentleman, from Deanna Pappas’ season. 
  4. Jake Pavelka, 33, a reality star who needs no introduction. He has been on many reality shows, and still finds time to be a pilot.
  5. Justin "Rated-R" Rego, 27, who wrestles and has a few girlfriends. “Rated-R” is best known for hopping off Ali’s season, after a confrontation about him not being single. 
  6. William Holman, 29, in cell phone sales, who is an inspiring comedian. Worst roast participant of all time. 
  7. Ames Brown, 30, Ivy league graduate from Yale, Columbia, and Harvard. Has worked at Goldman Sachs, and traveled the world. Overall a great guy, who got his heart broken by Ashley Hebert.
  8. Blake Julian, 27, a dentist, whose pearly whites impressed Ashley Hebert. 
  9. Michael Stagliano, 27, entrepreneur and breakdancer, who stole hearts during Jillian Harris’ season. He has also been linked to fellow contestant, Holly Durst.
  10. Things to look for this season:
    • Jake, Vienna, and Kasey all in one house. Cannot wait for the return of the ex’s. 
    • Jackie and Michelle in the same house. When we last saw these two, there was a showdown at the “Women Tell All.” I think they will both have other interests in the house.
    • The return of Erica Rose, I think her tiaras will be a great addition to the Bachelor Pad house. 
    • Ames’ eloquent speaking.
    • Michelle’s great style and sense of humor.
    • All romances and alliances. 
    Cannot wait for this season! I will also be blogging about the Bachelor Pad. 
    Bachelor Expert

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