Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Constantine: The Surrender of a Greek God

     The exit of Constantine the Greek god was disappointing. If Constantine would have been more emotionally available, I believe they could have had some kind of relationship. I respect the Greek god, for not taking advantage of Ashley’s emotions, and then leaving her the next morning. I would have had extreme dislike for him, if that would have occurred. 
In all honesty, Constantine had to be aware of how he felt to Ashley prior, to the last rose ceremony. They did not have any time together post hometown dates, so his feelings did not have the opportunity to grow or diminish. If his feelings had not progressed to the point he felt necessary, he should have declined the rose, and withdrew himself from the competition. 
I cannot speculate, whether a romance would have prospered with Ames and Ashley’s hearts, if they were given more time. Ames proved he was courteous, and deserved that opportunity, if Constantine was not benefiting from the time. It broke my heart, when Ames was sent home, longing for more time. 
It was evident, Constantine did not appear to be in love with Ashley during the process. He was aloof, and it was unmistakable his feelings did not rival to the other guys’. The only justification for his actions was, he was waiting for that spark, and it did not emerge. Unfortunately, no one should stay until the final three, and leave. I praise that he left because of his feelings, and not for a girlfriend back home. I feel as if leaving for a job, is a truly acceptable excuse. 
Does anyone think Constantine stayed longer because of his friendship with Ben? Please let me know your thoughts.

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