Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Three: Fantasy Suite Date Predictions

When it comes down to the final 3 contestants, the show gets intense. Here are my predictions:

I am guessing that J.P. will have a difficult conversation with Ashley, because he cares a lot. He is possessive over Ashley, because he has so much emotionally invested in their relationship. They might have some of awkwardness on their date, but I have no fears about this one.  Ashley and J.P. will get over their issues, and probably kiss, like usual. He will accept the date card with ease. 

I think Ben is the sweetest. I want him to be the next Bachelor, and I am afraid he is going to get his heart broken. Their relationship is moving at a slow pace, but they have a real connection. Ben continues to grow, through this process, and that is key in the next Bachelor. If he does not get chosen, I hope he is single, because America is going to love him.

From what I hear about Constantine, religion plays a huge role in this date. He is a great guy, and would also make a wonderful Bachelor. I fear his feelings for Ashley, are not very strong. He is moving at more  of a slow pace, than the other contestants. I do not picture him, proposing to Ashley.  

I believe if Ashley selected to keep Ames for the fantasy date, it would have been uncomfortable, because they did not have a physical attraction. I am still upset, he was sent home last week. 

My next post will be entail my thoughts on the Bachelor Pad cast.

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