Sunday, July 31, 2011

Men Tell All: Predictions

The dramatic Men Tell All will air tonight at 9pm. This will be the first time,  the men will see each other, since the show began. 
     It is confirmed that Bentley will not be present. Even the King of Cruel will not subject himself to the torture, he would have endured at the Men Tell All. The men would have recreated the boxing date. There is not much he could say to redeem himself anyway. No one wants to see Bentley anymore, he put a damper on this season.
I guarantee William will be placed on the hot seat. When he said, "We all thought the Bachelorette was going to be Emily or Chantal, and we got Ashley." There was nothing comical, or appropriate about that joke. He is definitely the worst roast participant ever. 
The last time we saw William was on the  2 on 1 date. He threw poor Bency under the bus, or more specifically, down the river. To William’s dismay, Ashley also sent him home.
 I believe Ames will be a gentleman, and everyone will want him to be the next Bachelor. I do not want to see him get his heart broken on TV again.        
Then we will arrive to Constantine. I am happy Constantine was honest, but the guys might become irritated, because he took time away from them, without having strong feelings. Ashley will most likely put him on the spot to receive some answers. 
I do not think we are finished with Ryan P. ABC will publicize him heavily, just in case they are left with him as the Bachelor. I hope Ben F. or Ames choose the opportunity, to be the Bachelor. I think J.P. will win. As I said before, Ashley can live with Ben, but cannot live without J.P. 
According to ABC, the viewers will get their first insight into the Bachelor Pad tonight. I am ecstatic for the Bachelor Pad, and cannot wait to for wonderful blogging material. There will be a plethora of drama, and hopefully love on the show. 
Bachelor Expert Ash 

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