Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bachelor Pad Episode 1: Battle for Love and Money

The Bachelor Pad started with the anticipated introductions. Michelle Money’s introduction broke my heart. It was so tragic to watch such sorrow, but Michelle’s father showed such optimism and strength. You can help Michelle and her family by reading my interview with her, if you have not already. The interview includes information that will help colon cancer research. 
Graham Bunn’s entrance was admirable, it was very refreshing to hear about his philanthropic actions. I find it commendable, when reality stars use their fame to do outstanding things. Graham has partnered with Michelle to bring awareness for colon cancer research. Please check out his website, http://www.46nyc.com. I had forgotten how sad his exit was, and how much DeAnna was in love with him. 
Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst cameos were extremely heartbreaking. I feel that their situation is unfortunate and awkward, and I am predicting a breakdown between these two. The confusing thing to me is why Michael broke up with Holly, if he was still in love with her. It was not the best idea to call off the engagement, and then get back together, but this whole situation is  inopportune. I like Holly and Michael a lot, so I want the best for both of them. 
Vienna, Kasey, and Jake’s introductions were what I expected. Drama, drama, and more drama. America is fully aware that Jake and Vienna broke up terribly, we all had to endure the pain on national television. If Kasey and Vienna are happy together, I wish Jake would just let it go.
After an extremely grueling hour of electrifying introductions, we finally were taken to the dramatic cocktail party. My ten favorite things about the cocktail party:
1. Michelle being the first one in the house, and being the hilarious voice of reason. 
2. The “weather conversation.” 
3. Jake saying “terrific” when meeting Kasey.
4. Ames’ arrival, he is just adorable.
5. Blake saying, “If it is Gia, I’ll tell you what.”
6. Erica arriving with her sparkly tiara.
7. Holly introducing herself to Michael.
8. The suspenseful music during Jake’s arrival.
9. Vienna and Jake’s first conversation.
10. The partner deliberation process.
The ten things I loved from last night:

1. The “Hook up” challenge. 
2. Holly’s one liners, specifically, “Jake sleeps through everything.” Also, “I would rather be drinking.”

3. Kasey, Vienna, and Jakes motivation to beat each other. 
4. Ames’ and Jackie’s cuteness. Who knew Ames could move that swiftly? 
5. William failing at something other than a roast. (Joke)
6. I am a fan of the core four alliance, very smart.
7. Rated R getting deported back to Canada. 
8. Everyone having a twin. Kirk and Blake are look a likes.  Kasey, Jake, and William could all be twins. 
9. All of Kasey and Jake’s conversations, I lost track of how many. 
10. Gia’s trust in Jake. I would not trust anyone who broke up with me on national television. She seems like a great person.

Top ten things I disliked about last night:
1. The introductions were a very lengthy process.
2. There was not enough variety, I forgot some people were still in the house.
3. Rated R being incredibly rude to everyone.
4. Jake capturing a bountiful amount of attention.
5. Kasey, Vienna, and Jake’s drama being the focal point in the show.
6. Ella’s truly heartbreaking story, I had no idea she had been through something so traumatic. 
7. The fact many people did not have proper introductions. 
8. Only having one date in a three hour time frame.
9. The fact there was only one competition.
10. In three hours, two-thirds of the time was concentrating on Jake and Vienna’s drama. It is entertaining, but incredibly exhausting.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Bachelor Pad last night. It was just a plethora of information to process.  Three hours of craziness is difficult to put into a synopsis. This season is a phenomenon, and I am sure it is going to continue getting better.  I cannot wait for the Kasey, Vienna, and Jake saga to proceed. Mondays are never going to be the same. 

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