Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bachelor Pad Episode 2: Tears, Paint, and a Love Story

The Bachelor Pad is pure brilliance. Episode two began with the dramatic aftermath of last week. Then there is the inevitable reflection period, on who went home. It was apparent why Rated-R went home, and Alli was caught in the middle.
The challenge occurred early in this episode. I forgot how harsh these challenges can be. Throwing paint filled eggs at people is cruel, however is expected in vying for $250,000. I felt terrible for Erica, because no one deserves that.

      Jake was bombarded numerous times by Vienna. I have mixed emotions when it comes to Jake. The vast majority of the time, I feel he craves fame entirely too much. The other times, I feel sympathy for him. I have doubts, because he was aware Vienna would be on the show. 

After a long grueling challenge there were two winners. Melissa and Michael won the challenge, receiving the opportunity to go on dates. 
Melissa chose:
Kasey- for strategy, and hopes for an alliance.
Blake- because she had feelings for him.
Kirk- because he is Blake’s long lost twin.
Awkward date, and an even worse make out session.  Blake tried extremely hard to get that rose. He even went to the extent of faking feelings for her. When he said, “Whoring myself out” I laughed hysterically and lost all respect for him. 
Michael chose:
Holly- since they were in love, and he still has feelings for her.
Michelle- she is gorgeous, and the voice of reason. 
Erica- because she was a casualty of Michael winning, and totally deserved a date.
The insane asylum looked terrifying. Michelle’s talk with Michael was refreshing, since she is a great narrator and therapist. Only on the Bachelor Pad, can contestants find wine in an insane asylum. Too bad Jeff and “The mask” did not deliver the alcohol.
Then Holly and Michael had a one on one conversation. They expressed how they loved each other, and why they broke up. It was truly heartbreaking! Unfortunately, Holly charged the friend card. Ouch! These two are adorable, I like them together and individually. 
The episode swiftly moved into the cocktail party. There were so many alliances going on that I lost track. I wanted Jackie to stay, because her and Ames are precious. On the other hand, I did not want Ella to leave because she needs the money. 
Somehow in the craziness, Gia became livid at Graham and then Graham was furious with Kasey. The result of this bizarre circumstance was, Gia leaving. Gia seems like such a sweetheart. I wish she would have been able to see the outlandish twist at the end. 
The crazy twist that two women were going home, stirred a multitude of controversy. Vienna’s face expressed horror, saying the show was cheating, and called out production. That was over dramatic, causing Chris Harrison to become the most angry in Bachelor history. His line will be remembered forever. 
There is a door, there is a door, there is a door. No one is making you stay here. - Chris Harrison
Not to mention, he offered to call a cab. There was not going to be a limo for them, if they left. Ouch! To make the situation worse, Kasey said “lets leave,” and Vienna did not want to. Way to call a bluff! Jake looked relieved.
It seemed as if Jackie was safe, and then Ella campaigned. I wholly believe Ella needs the money more. I wanted Jackie to stay so I could witness her and Ames’ budding romance. They are just precious together.
After talks, drama, and campaigning, the votes were tallied. Making the women vote against each other, was a shocking twist. I think ABC wants to keep Jake in the game, with Jake on the show the drama stays high, and the television is magnificent. Unfortunately, Jackie was voted out of the house.
Ames walked Jackie to her limo like a true gentleman. He appeared as disoriented as when Ashley sent him home. My heart broke for Ames, I have wanted him to find love, since his Bachelorette exit. Jackie looked highly disappointed, and then the limo drove away. 
A dismayed Ames glanced back at the cast, and waved. He said farewell to everyone and sprinted towards the limo. The limo driver stopped thankfully, and Ames opened the door and asked, “Is there room?” He was not joking about his romantic side. What a whimsical moment, one of the best in Bachelor history. 
The audience saw more of Ames’ feelings this season, than all last season. He can move fast, and does want a fairy tale romance. I am overjoyed for Ames and Jackie.
I want to send my condolences to Michelle Money, and her family. Please keep them in your thoughts, and prayers. She lost her father to his long battle with colon cancer. In addition, she lost her grandmother yesterday. Send her your love, because she is a remarkable person.
On a lighter note, I throughly enjoyed Jeff and "the mask" cameo. 
Next week the drama returns. Let me know your thoughts on the episode.

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