Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bachelor Pad Episode 4: Kissing, Dissing, and War

The Bachelor Pad drama was exceedingly high last night. The Jake and Vienna saga finale occurred. Jake left on a good note, and threw the power couples under the bus. The non power couples are not playing strategically. Hysterical Erica is the only one with her head in the game. If anyone wants a chance of winning, they will have to start knocking out the power holders.  
To my dismay, Jake did not do damage during his finale. Kasey looked like he was going to punch Jake. It is apparent, the power has gone to Kasey's head, and he thinks he will win. It was a little self centered for Vienna to think they sent Jake home for her sake. Obviously, Jake was sent home so the cast could relax, or focus on other drama.  
Quickly following the rose ceremony Melissa fought about more nonsense with Blake. These two make me cringe. Their fighting is comparable to nails on a chalkboard. Unfortunately, Blake does not know when to stop.  
The next day began with the kissing challenge. Nothing good was going to come from this challenge. It was difficult to watch Michael get his heartbroken, because he loves Holly. Her and Blake's kiss was wow, did anyone else see the fireworks? I thought Melissa was going to tackle them both. Ella and Blake were definitely putting the most effort forward.

It was smart of the girls not to kiss Kasey intensely, and they were all respectful. Vienna would have went spastic. The guys showed the same courtesy with Vienna, not wanting to be a target for elimination. I do not think I can exclaim how much I love Erica. She is hilarious! If she does not have her own show, after the Bachelor Pad, it will be a conspiracy. When she talks about her lip injections, it is priceless. 
Ella and Blake were voted the best kissers! They were both given one on one dates. The show started to get extremely dramatic! Melissa automatically thought she was going on the date. Blake hinted that he was not sure. Melissa missed the hints, and made him promise he would take her. To prolong the drama, Ella's date was first. She chose Kirk, and they are precious. They want to use the money to do great things, which made me like them even more. Their kiss was very romantic.  
Meanwhile, Erica was giving Blake a massage. Erica deserves credit in her strategy, because she will do whatever it takes. The next day, Blake's date card was delivered. It was unclear who he would be inviting. The options were Holly, Erica, and Melissa. Melissa truly believed she was going, even saying "We." Blake spoke about strategy, which led me to believe he was taking Erica. Wrong! Blake chose Holly, and Melissa's glaring began. I do not know how the United States was not on an earthquake watch, a few weeks ago, because I thought the world was going to shatter. 
Melissa was infuriated, and cursed, being impolitic. Holly looked bemused, and Michael was in disbelief. Holly accepted the date invitation. Who would not want out of the house? Melissa called Holly names, and Michelle told her Holly was not the issue. It was not Holly's plan to go on the date.  
Holly and Blake went on their date, and ended up skiing. They both ended up having a great time, and even said it was the best date ever. I feel bad when Michael had to hear that. They went on to stay the night, which broke Michael's heart again. He did not understand how Holly could do that to him, but the next day he created a date for them. This Holly, Michael, Blake triangle is difficult to watch. If Holly cannot decide, she should take a step back and examine her feelings.  
The cocktail party was drama filled. Melissa knew she was on the chopping block, and tried to campaign. The guys told her they did not vote for her. She had a breakdown, and ended up going home. I was surprised she did not make more of a scene. I wanted an exaggerated exit. William was sent home, and we saw more of him, than we had all season.  
My favorite quote of the episode was "Melissa does not wear her heart on her sleeve, she wears it on every article of clothing, including hair ties and panties." Michelle is the most comical person in the house, and helpful!  
I have talked to Melissa before, and she is incredibly sweet. She was just not able to deal with the craziness. I cannot wait for next week! The newlywed game looks intriguing.
Let me know your thoughts! I have a plethora of great interviews coming up. Please stayed tuned for those.

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