Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bachelor Pad: Love is a Battlefield.

      The Bachelor Pad preview was epic. It is evident, ABC is marketing the drama between  Kasey, Jake, and Vienna. This love triangle would not be half as fascinating, if Jake and Kasey did not look like twins. The preview showed Kasey threatening to hit someone, who is most likely Jake. It is an exhausting job to guard and protect hearts. Vienna tweeted, that Kasey was not saying those things about her. Oh the wonders editing can do. I hope Kasey can find time to take a break from guarding hearts, and sing some of his songs.
In addition, there is another former couple in the house, Michael and Holly. The preview showed, a highly jealous Michael. He is obviously not over his and Holly’s relationship. Unfortunately, Holly appears to be over the situation, and moved on.
There is also a feud between Vienna and Gia that looks intriguing. The shocking moment here, if for all of those who tuned into Jake’s season. During that season, Gia and Vienna were close friends, and some even considered Gia, Vienna’s advocate. If I had to make a suspicion, I bet Jake has something to do with this feud. I hope that this is Jake’s final reality show, and he decides to go fly a plane. 
Besides the drama, ABC emphasizes love, and it appears we have some interesting relationships forming. Michelle and Graham would make a very cute couple. In the preview, I saw they were spending time together, and currently they are tweeting. It is unclear, if these two are a couple, or just close friends. Michelle seems happy, and I cannot wait to have her back on TV, I miss here hilarious jokes.
Jackie and Ames were looking extremely close on the preview. America as a whole, wants Ames to be happy. It was heartbreaking to see Ames get sent home. He cared immensely, and was so open to the process. I do not want Ames to spend his life alone. All I know is, he and Jackie both seem very happy, whether that is together, is to be determined.
The preview unveiled an abundance of kissing, and fight. Besides these highlights, I am sure there will be more relationships, and drama. As far as couples, I would love for Ames and Jackie to be happy together. Also Michelle and Graham would be incredibly cute for each other. I am looking forward to the tiaras, tattoos, and drama. I will be providing my synopsis and opinions of each episode. 

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