Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bachelorette Finale: Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Last night, America tuned into the melodramatic season finale of the Bachelorette. The show directly went into the conventional meeting of the parents. J.P. had the first opportunity to meet Ashley’s family. Unfortunately, to the audience dismay, the date was grueling for J.P. Ashley’s sister, was tough on him, asking excessive complex questions. Ashley’s sister was being overprotective of her younger sister. 

Ashley's sister did not convey her opinions, in the correct manner. I wholly believe her heart was in the right place, but she should not have voiced those concerns to J.P. They had just met, and J.P. was attempting to make an impression. When she vocalized her perspective, J.P. was on the defense, which could have altered the entire process. There was a risk that J.P. would have felt defeated, and could have withdrew from the process.

Out of every season, I have never saw a family member be that problematic with a contestant. I had a problem with this conversation, when she told J.P. she saw more of a connection with Brad. Ouch, I felt that slap here in Indiana. I wanted to give worrisome Ashley a hug, during her pitiful breakdown. I was concerned, that Ashley’s sister thought all of this before meeting the other guy. This ordinarily happens, when the family has someone to compare to. On the After the Rose, she confirmed, she has changed her mind about J.P tremendously.
Ben’s family date was heartwarming. I knew he would fit in wonderfully with them, he brought out a playful side of Ashley. Ashley and Ben were doing their dog voices, was one of the most laughable moments ever. The whole dog conversation, made me hysterical. Ben exclaimed to her whole family, that he was in love with her, and it was apparent he connected with them. Ashley was distressed that her sister liked Ben more, and I knew that Ben fans were in trouble. If she was going to choose him, she would have been ecstatic. 

Then we arrived at the final dates. Ben was first, which was another red flag. There is nothing reassuring about back to back dates. Ben and Ashley have had fun together. Up until the plane arriving, I was still undecided. I truly believe, even though Ashley was in love with J.P, this was the closest decision in Bachelor history. Ashley could have chosen either guy, and would have been happy. The defining moment was when Ben told Ashley he loved her, and she looked calm, not like she was going to burst. 

J.P. had the final date of the season. My boyfriend was infuriated, when he had the last date, he was a major Ben fan. At one point, we had a fight about Ben. I wanted Ben to be the next Bachelor, and he wanted Ben to win. No worries, this was not a real fight, but I have made a Bachelor Expert out of my sports fanatic, boyfriend. Ben was his choice from the beginning, there is hope for everyone, to become a Bachelor fan.

It was down to the fourth quarter in our Super Bowl, the final rose was approaching. Then Ben arrived first. If I have learned anything over the last eight years is, whoever is first out, is getting dumped. Ben expressed his love for his dad, and I was crying before the break up could even occur. I think Ashley is a great Bachelorette, and have not criticized her the entire time. The only thing I wish she would have done differently is, let Ben go before the final rose. It was heartbreaking when he proposed, and had to get up. I have an abundance of respect for Ben walking away, he did not want anything sugar-coated. He walked away with his dignity, and I believe that is a Bachelor worthy guy. 

After letting Ben go, Ashley was overwhelmingly upset. Ashley did not foresee Ben reacting in that manner. Who could blame him?  There was no way he was just going to hop away joyous. Finally, J.P. arrived, and Chris Harrison totally gave it away by smiling. No one ever smiles at the runner up. J.P. conveyed his feelings, and Ashley chose him. She has more fortitude than I do, I would have never said yes, before the proposal. Thankfully J.P. asked her to marry him, and she said yes. Then they played Can’t Fight This Feeling, which thrilled me, because that is the song on my singing Valentine’s Day card.

One last thought on the runner up. How horrendous would it be to ride in that little boat? That boat driver had to feel uncomfortable. Does ABC have a diving crew ready, just in case the runner up jumps into the ocean? It seems extremely plausible that someone would jump off the boat, especially during shark week. Also if you are having troubles with your relationship, look up Neil Lane, he is distinctly an aspiring counselor. Roses, family, proposes, heart break, all of the characteristics that make that Bachelorette the sensation it is.

Ashley chose what was right for her, and they lived happily ever after, so far! I wish them the best! 
What are your opinions? Ben for next Bachelor?
Who is ready for the phenomenon the Bachelor Pad?
I will have a short synopsis of, After the Rose next.
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Bachelor Expert Ash 

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