Monday, August 1, 2011

Bachelorette Finale Predictions: Two propose, One Rose.

Bachelorette fans,  
The time is almost here, this season is coming to a close. Two guys propose tonight, so someone is going to get their heartbroken. That is always the worst part. Both guys are great, so that always makes the finale difficult to watch. I think Ashley will choose J.P. As I have said many times, Ashley can live with Ben, but cannot live without out J.P. Ashley and J.P. have a similar relationship, to what Ali and Roberto have. There is passion, and playfulness, and most importantly they balance each other out. I want Ben as the next Bachelor, hopefully he is single, because there are going to be a line of women waiting for him. I will post my synopsis, and assessment of the finale, tomorrow.
Bachelor Expert Ash

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