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Melissa Rycroft: Fabulous Mother, Wife, and Television Star

Tye, Melissa, and Ava 

     America met Melissa Rycroft on Bachelor season 13. The former Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, the show did not work out for Melissa, but better opportunities arose from the situation. She was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, replacing injured Nancy O'Dell. Melissa made it to the Dancing With The Stars finale, and placed third.

     Melissa has reported for ABC's Good Morning America. In addition, Melissa co-hosted the first season of Bachelor Pad, with Chris Harrison. A multitude of great things have happened to Melissa in her career, and personal life. All of the drama and nonsense paid off.

Tye and Melissa
    The last couple years have been momentous and busy for Melissa. She and former boyfriend Tye Strickland rekindled their relationship, and became engaged. In 2009, she and Tye got married in Mexico. On February 16, 2011, Melissa gave birth to the couple's first child, daughter Ava Grace Strickland. Ava is beautiful just like her mother. Recently, Melissa and Tye moved to Los Angeles, CA. This gives Melissa the opportunity to focus on family, while pursuing her career. 
Thankfully, Melissa has taken time out of her busy life, to answer some questions with the Bachelor Expert.
1. Melissa it is apparent you have been busy with motherhood and being a fabulous wife. How has your life been this last year?  
Life has been wonderful! I've some pretty big life changing events that have taken place over the last 2 years, and ever year just seems to get better! I never would have thought 3 years ago that I would be both a wife and mother right now - but I LOVE every moment!!!
2. Has motherhood changed your outlook on life?
I definitely am more aware of my actions, and my surroundings. I no longer want to be associated with situations that I wouldn't want Ava to see one day. And, that's actually hard to do. I life a pretty moral life, but being in this industry, sometimes photos are taken out of context....or a quote is taken out of context. So I'm just so much more aware of what image I am portraying....even more so than before. The best role model I can be is one for my daughter.

Melissa and Ava at her Pampered Chef party.
3. Who would you consider your closest friends from the show?
Jill and I definitely really bonded during the show! They called us Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on the Bachelor! Ha! But I honestly have to say, I LOVE all the girls from my season! And because of Bach Pad, I've gotten to meet some other contestants as well. I love getting to see Krisily, Natalie, Tenley, Kiptyn at events....Talking to Jill, Naomi and Nikki on the phone or FB/Twitter. They're great girls!
4. You do not look like you had a baby! What is your normal workout?
Well, it's not normal anymore. But while I was trying to lose the baby weight I basically KILLED it in the gym. 3 months straight of an hour of cardio and an hour of free weights a day. NOT FUN!
5. It is very exciting you are writing a book. Can you tell us more about this process?
It's a longer process than I thought! I do have to say, since I actually wrote several of the chapters myself, it's been a really fun experience! Never thought 'author' would be added to my résumé, and I'm so blessed that I get the opportunity to share my story!
6. You have been greatly missed on this season of the Bachelor Pad. What are your current and future aspirations? Family, first and foremost. After this silly industry is long gone for me, my family will still be there - and that's HUGE! But career-wise, I'd love to see what the corresponding/hosting world has for me out there. I truly do love getting to talk to people, and I would love to continue! Dream job would be Kelly from Regis and Kelly - probably slightly unattainable - but dream big, right?!?

Melissa at Kardashian Kollection.
    Melissa is incredibly sweet. There is no question why she has many fans. I am happy that Melissa found true happiness and love. She is a great mother and fabulous wife. Melissa is writing a book, so please watch for that to be released. To keep updated on Melissa you can visit her great website, You can also follow Melissa on Twitter, @MelissaRycroft. 

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