Monday, August 1, 2011

Men Tell All: Battle of the Roses

The Men Tell All is always a fascinating show. This is the first time the guys have seen each other, since they left the house. The guys are now aware of, who talked behind their backs, and what they said. I think the group chooses someone to pick on, at the Men Tell All. There is always that one person always gets confronted numerous times. This season, the target was William, for the sole fact Bentley was not present. There are a plethora of situations William did not handle in the correct manner. Telling Ashley “He thought the Bachelorette was going to be Emily or Chantal, and was stuck with her.” That statement put William in a hole. Which destroyed the memory of an extraordinary first date. Then he made Ashley feel sympathetic towards him, and had the audacity to sell Ben C out. On the Men Tell All, William claimed he had not watched, passed episode one. To his dismay, ABC had montage, of his misfortunes. This time he had no choice, but to just watch. In all fairness, I do not believe, America would have been as hard on William, if Bentley was not saying the same things. Bentley meant all of those statements, I do not think William did. There was the predictable reflection period. Of course, Bentley was a topic, as if Ashley was not tired of hearing about him. Old news, I am done talking about him. Ashley talked about the good guys she sent home, and then about the final two. The final two montages are very intriguing, everyone tries to look for that clue, that will prove our suspicions wrong. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I firmly believe J.P. gets picked, and I hope Ben F will be the next Bachelor. Did anyone else still feel empathy for Ames? While watching his video, his face appeared bittersweet. He was in utter shock, when Ashley sent him home. The show was lacking this week without, Ames' eloquent speaking, and gentleman mannerisms. Ames obviously fell in love with Ashley, but appears very optimistic about love. Rumor has it, he has found someone, that could be the reason for that optimism. If that is true, there will be no Ames for Bachelor, which will be unfortunate. Then Ryan talked, talked, and talked some more. He returned to last week’s episode, creeped around, and was dumped. Somehow all of those situations gained him more air time during the Men Tell All. It is all very exhausting, I do not think I could handle Ryan as the next Bachelor. To my surprise, Ryan spoke about more than just water heaters. He talked about how he read all of these dating books. What? At that point, Ryan lost the Bachelor opportunity. How in the world did ABC forget about Constantine? He was final three. I guess when you leave on your own, that late in the game, you cannot speak. My favorite part of the night, was the bloopers. I loved when J.P. broke that entertainment center, and just left it. Poor Ames, had that larva thrown at him, he was such a trooper. Another laugh worthy moment was Ashley and Ryan’s date. Mid dance Ashley had a toe cramp, and hopped over to the side. It would not have been a true blooper video, without including Jeff “The Mask.” He looked like he was applying to be Constantine, and Ben F’s triplet last night. I love when ABC brings back former contestants. They always have a great point of view, to help the current contestant. The awkward moment, was Jason and DeAnna being in the same group. DeAnna may be engaged, and Jason is married, but she still crushed him, so I consider it very awkward. Ali looked so cute, and when she talked about Rated-R, that was hysterical. I will never forget him hopping off of her season. The Bachelor Pad season looks like it is going to be tragic, in a good way. It is like a train wreck, one does not want to watch, but has no choice. I saw so much drama in the previews, that I could not even fit my thoughts in this post. The Bachelor Pad will give me plenty of blogging material. My next post will be a synopsis about the Bachelor Pad. 

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