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Michelle Money: More than a Television Star


        Michelle Money was one of Brad Womack’s twenty-five stunning women. Michelle quickly proved she was a contender, in vying for Brad's attention. On the first night, Michelle captured the attention of America. It was apparent that she captivated Brad.
 I found Michelle’s comedic statements to be absolutely hysterical. I believe people took her too seriously on the Bachelor, she was just being humorous.  She became the woman Americans could not take their eyes off of. Possessing a competitive drive, women became intimidated by her immediately.  
I spent the entire season admiring Michelle’s style. She is my hair idol with her impeccable beach waves. Michelle has the smokey eye down to an art. Between a witty sense of humor, and an incomparable fashion sense, Michelle Money is a television star.

Michelle Money is more than a just television star though. She is an extraordinary mother to daughter, Brielle. Michelle is an outstanding hairstylist, and a talented make up artist in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the midst of all the madness, Michelle establishes time to model and act.  
         Michelle has graciously agreed to answer questions, with Bachelor Expert Ashley.

1. On the Bachelor your hair was perfect! How do you style your hair on a lazy day? On a Lazy day, I will pull my hair up in a messy bun on the top of my head! If I am just too lazy to wash my hair but still need to look presentable, I will section off my bangs and the hair around my face that is greasy looking and gross and only wash that section in the sink! Haha! This happens more often than not unfortunately! Lol!
2. The Michelle curl has become extremely popular. Do you prefer straight or curly hair? I have been straightening my hair more since this day on Bachelor Pad when I straightened it and everyone in the house loved it! I happened to not really love it but I was convinced to keep it and it kinda grew on me. But 9 times out of 10 you will see my hair in loose curls! I don’t know why, but I just feel like that look is the best on me. 
3. Some bachelor contestants have revealed, that you are the reason their hair looked flawless on the show. Which contestant had the best hair? Marissa May and Ashley Spivey have incredible hair! Just thick, healthy locks! Great texture and shine! 
4. Michelle, you definitely have the most epic smokey eye look on television. What brands of make up do you use? I really love Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Makeup Forever. I think that the trick to the smokey eye is keeping your brushes clean (don’t double dip into other colors) Pressing the dark color onto the lid as opposed to swiping it, and then taking a q tip with make up remover on it and cleaning up under the eye where the dark shadow has fallen. I will have a whole YouTube video for you with all the deets coming soon!  
5. You are a talented make up artist and hairstylist. Are there any fun make up or hair tricks you would like to share? I think my favorite make up tip is to line your eyes from underneath the eye. Right where the lashes grow. I usually pull my lid up and then use waterproof gel liner and apply it right on the flesh of the eye below the base of the lashes! It feels weird at first but you will see right away the difference it makes! Again….youtube video….coming soon!
6. You have a distinctive sense of style. Where is your favorite place to shop? I love to shop at Anthropologie and Forever 21! I also am addicted to Lulu Lemon as that is all I wear when I am lounging around! I also really love Nordstrom, All Saints, Urban Outfitters, H & M and Barneys.
7. I am obsessed with shoes and purses. Would you consider yourself a purse or a shoe girl? Total shoe whore. My shoes have actually taken over my closet and it is really starting to become a problem.
8. Favorite magazine or book? Favorite book is The Artists Way. Read it! Even if you only apply the “Morning Pages” theory to your life….It will change you. 
9. What is one thing America would never guess about you? That I am actually not crazy at all and I am very rational! 
  10. Who became your closest friend in the Bachelor house? Emily, Lisa, Raichel and Melissa are who I still stay in touch with. Also Ashley Spivey and Britt! 
  11. The Bachelor Pad looks fascinating! What was your favorite part about filming the show? My favorite part about filming the show was getting to know so many amazing people! I am a total people person and I love getting to know what is at the core of people. What their passions are and what makes them who they are! It was so fun to just chill and get to know everyone! 
  12. You are a wonderful mother, daughter, hairstylist, make-up artist, actress, and model. That is an incredibly impressive resume, is there anything else you would like to achieve? I have been very blessed in my life. I have been given many opportunities to do amazing things that I love to do! My number one focus right now is Family. I want to have a successful marriage of my own like my parents have. That is where true happiness is found. Outside of that, I would really like to be more involved in Fund Raising and Charity events to do good things in this world! I just want to give back. It is kind of a selfish thing because doing good things for others is what gives me the most pure form of happiness! And I like feeling that way! I definitely need to do more of that.

This interview was very meaningful and enlightening! I have incorporated Michelle's make up tricks in my daily routine, and absolutely adored the results. I am looking forward to Michelle's upcoming YouTube make up tutorials. If you have not had opportunity to watch the Michelle Curl YouTube video, here is the address . I am elated Michelle is returning to Monday nights, for the Bachelor Pad. I cannot wait to admire her trendsetting style, and laugh at her hilarious jokes.  
        Who is ready for the Bachelor Pad? I am ecstatic for the latest Bachelor phenomenon. The season première airs on August 8th, at 8:00 PM on ABC. This season is anticipated after the epic success of the first Bachelor Pad. The Bachelor Pad is the perfect combination of drama, competition, and love. I think Michelle will be a fierce competitor on the Bachelor Pad, and has the potential to win. Will she find love? How about long lasting friendships? You will have to tune in weekly, to find out.

         I am unbelievably grateful that Michelle took time to interview with me. Despite how she may have appeared, Michelle is a sweetheart, who is passionate about life. Michelle cares immensely about her family, friends, and fans. 
If you were not aware, Michelle and her family are going through a rough time. Her father is battling colon cancer, and his condition is not good. He needs all the prayers in the world. Please take a minute to pray for peace for Michelle, and her family. You can help, Graham Bunn and Michelle are raising money for colon cancer research through Graham’s company Please raise awareness of this amazing charitable company, so an incredible amount of money can be raised, once a design on behalf of her father is created. 

If you are not currently following Michelle you definitely should, her Twitter is @MoneyMichelle. The url is!/MoneyMichelle. Her tweets will bring joy and humor to your life, because she is that great of a person. No matter how hard of a time she is having, she will bring an optimistic attitude to the world. 

I feel so honored to have the opportunity to share things that are so close to Michelle's heart. I am positive she has made all of you laugh or smile on Monday nights, and thankfully she is returning to do so. Michelle is a remarkable person, who could use all of your help. Please go after this post. If you are not following her already, you should. She will make a difference in your life, and you have the opportunity to make a difference in her life. 
There was not a better way to start my Bachelor Pad blogging. I am very fortunate to have talked to Michelle, she is much more than the person you see on TV. I would like to express my gratitude to Michelle, for taking time to answer questions with me. She is truly a phenomenal person!
Bachelor Expert Ashley

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