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The Most Fabulous Funeral Director in America: Shawntel Newton

     Shawntel Newton was one of Brad Womack’s fabulous leading women. She made a lasting impression on Brad even receiving a shopping spree in Las Vegas. As the season progressed, Shawntel continued to charm Brad. She was one of the four lovely women who made it to the influential hometown dates. This was one of my favorite hometown dates of all time. Shawntel took Brad to her workplace and asked him if he wanted to get on the funeral table, and he did. This was a whimsical moment, that led up to Brad meeting Shawntel's family.
Shawntel’s father was tough on Brad, in a humorous way. Brad completely deserved a serious conversation, and it was crucial given the situation. Mr. Newton made it clear, that his daughter was significant in the Chico community and it would take something momentous for her to uproot her life. This conversation caused Brad to make his noteworthy dull face. It was a television moment, that people thoroughly enjoyed.
What I found most fascinating about Shawntel’s journey on the Bachelor was her composed disposition throughout the entire process. Shawntel never attempted to steal time, or manipulate the situation. Her calm personality was peculiar, considering the grueling circumstance of the Bachelor.
Twenty-five women vying for one guy's attention is bizarre, but Shawntel received a lot attention from Brad without looking desperate. She is hilarious, and would have also made a spectacular Bachelorette. 
I am happy that Shawntel left the show with meaningful friendships. The Bachelor process, established a marvelous friendship between Shawntel and Chantal O'Brien. 
Shawntel is America's most fashion forward funeral director. She has been supportive of this blog, and is a genuinely kind person. I am grateful, she has taken the time to answer some fun questions.
1. Shawntel you are definitely America’s prettiest funeral director. Have you always wanted this as a career? 

This is such a common question that people have for me. The funny thing is…NO WAY did I ever see myself as a funeral director and embalmer growing up. Yes, I would go to the funeral home with my dad growing up, and I was around death a lot. However, it never crossed my mind to step into my dad’s shoes. I actually wanted to be a psychologist or a pathologist. 
I went to a private university for one year, and when I returned home I started to work for my dad and I realized the passion I had for serving bereaved families. I also was curious with the embalming process, and I was also able to help assist with autopsies. Soon after I enrolled in mortuary school and graduated in 2009. I am now a fully licensed funeral director and embalmer.  

2. It was so much fun to watch you on the Bachelor! What was your favorite moment from the show? 

My favorite moment on the show was when I was in Anguilla. I had such an amazing time…not only with Brad, but with the locals. This was my ideal date. The funny thing was, before the date card came in Anguilla, I was hoping that if my name was on the card, that I would be able to see the island and have a market with music and food. Sure enough, that’s what I got. I had a blast playing dominos, trying the local foods, dancing and hanging out with baby goats. It just reminded me of my hometown. Chico has great farmers markets and wonderful people.

3. I loved your hometown date! Did you find it as amazing as America did? 

I was really nervous bringing Brad into the funeral home. Though, I thought with the situation we were in, and if he wants to propose to me, he needs to get an idea of my life and what I do. I honestly wanted to take Brad bike riding through Bidwell Park and then go to a market, but with the little time I was going to have, I decided that he needs to see where I come from within the funeral industry. 
Surprisingly, he handled it really well. I could tell he was uncomfortable in the prep room (most are) but he kept asking me questions. I not only showed him the science part of my job, but also the counseling side. 
Once Brad met my family my dad showed his concern about the entire situation. There was a lot of focus with my dad and me about the funeral home. Not so much about me taking over my dad’s business; but if I were to leave to Austin, how that would affect the Chico community. I have met with over 300 families since I was 20 years old. I was born and raised in Chico, so I know a lot of people. So to leave Chico would be hard. 
In the end, my dad gave his blessing and told us that if it’s meant to be, than it’ll happen. And my family trusts me!

4. Did you watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette, previously to going on the show? If so, what was your favorite season? 

You know what’s so funny…I have NEVER watched one episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette. My two younger sisters were the ones that signed me up for the show and thought I’d be a perfect cast member. My season was the first season I ever watched. Now I will be hooked

5. America has raved about your legs. Do you have a workout routine? 

Really? I didn’t even know my legs were talked about. That’s too funny. Well I really got into kickboxing a couple years ago and that helped me tone up. I was an avid swimmer all through high school and was very active in sports growing up. I have always been athletic and I make sure that I work out often. I will say though, kickboxing is the BEST work out ever. That’s why I was able to kick butt on episode three

6. You have vocalized how you thought J.P. was perfect for Ashley. If you would have been the Bachelorette, who do you think you would have connected with? 

I was asked to consider being the bachelorette. I was a little hesitant though. It can be an exhausting process and I wasn’t sure if I could handle that. But watching the season I think my top four would have been: 1. Nick 2. Lucas 3. Ben 4. Ryan P. (I know a lot of people didn’t think too highly of Ryan, but I thought he was just too cute).

7. I am a fan of your unique sense of style. What are some of your favorite stores? 

I LOVE, they are based out of Chico and they have the cutest clothes (especially dresses). We have a couple local boutiques here in Chico that I love: For Elyse, Urban Laundry, Kreations and Trucker. I will admit…if I need/want something quick, cute and affordable, I will go into Forever 21 and get just that.

8. Favorite magazine and book?

I know this is silly for someone who doesn’t own a home, but one of my favorite magazines is Home and Garden. You can get some great ideas that are also affordable. 
I used to not be a book-reader, but now, I love to read. Some of my favorite books are: Heaven is for Real, Redeeming Love, The Shack and The Devil Wears Prada. 

9. I have heard that you are writing a book. What is it going to be about? 

I am writing a book, and I am SO excited about this! I can’t wait for you all to read it. It’s going to be a little biography about what it was like growing up around death and the funeral home. I think it’ll not only bring comfort to people, but also a different view on death.

10. What is one thing America would be shocked to know about you?

I was a blond for a couple years because I wanted to see if, “blondes have more fun.” I was not satisfied. Plus, my hair was not happy with me. I am a natural brunette and I want to remain that way .

       This interview was extremely fun! There are a huge amount of Shawntel fans out there, including myself. Shawntel is an incredibly compassionate individual who makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis. The Bachelor and Bachelorette give Americans the opportunity to meet extraordinary people, and Shawntel is one of them. Bachelor fans were fortunate enough to get to know Shawntel, and the city of Chico is lucky to have her. 
Do not forget, Shawntel is writing a book, which I am very excited about. I would like to acknowledge that Shawntel is my first interview, and I want to express my gratitude to her for interviewing with me.
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