Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bachelor Pad Finale: Rings, Money, and All Dramatic Things

     The epic conclusion of the Bachelor Pad unfolded last night. The episode began with the remaining cast members flying to Las Vegas, and performing a Cirque du Soleil-style high flying challenge. The contestants were dressed in suits that reminded me of Power Rangers, but there were some great judges. 

     Trista Sutter, Jason Mesnick, and Ali Fedotowsky judged the challenge. Trista looked fabulous. It is hard for me to believe she has had two babies. Jason was nice as always, but I did miss Molly’s fashion forward clothes.  Ali was injured at the time, so Roberto carried her out to the judging table. It was an extremely cute moment. 
     Michael and Holly won the challenge, giving them the power to take a couple to the finals with them. Unfortunately, Kirk and Ella lost and were sent home. I felt terrible for both of them. They appear to be genuine good hearted people, and it was heartbreaking to see their dreams shatter. I hope the best for these two!
     Then there were six contestants left. The three remaining couples were Graham and Michelle, Kasey and Vienna, Michael and Holly. Kasey and Vienna thought they deserved to be in the finale. Kasey and Vienna explained that Holly and Michael would be at an advantage taking them to the finale. I am confused why Kasey and Vienna wanted to be in the finale, if they thought they were going to lose. This led to a fight between Kasey and Vienna, which caused them to drink a beer.
      Michael and Holly chose loyalty and friendship. They took Michelle and Graham to the finals. I found this admirable, and had a lot of respect for them. Kasey and Vienna thought they were going to the finals, but that did not happen.
     The next episode was the finale in front of the studio audience. I would have loved to be there. Chris Harrison began with introducing the cast members, and there were some people I had forgotten about. I wish I would have forgotten about Rated-R between his hair, and the words that come out of his mouth, he is unbearable to watch.
     Gia looked stunning! Erica looked great and she never fails to make me laugh. Blake looked excited. Then we heard more from William last night, than the whole Bachelor Pad season. 

     The Ames and Jackie romance has ended. Ames' exit was one of the best moments in Bachelor history. They did not work out, which led to Jackie's heartbreak. Ames most likely wanted to be the next Bachelor, and that is why he broke up with her. 
     Of course we had to rehash the Kasey, Vienna, and Jake drama. They all explained how it was not as dramatic as it appeared. Vienna said they all played charades. Will someone please tell me why that was not on TV? Ultimately, Jake received an apology from Kasey, and they hugged. Vienna appeared furious, and the saga was over. 
      Chris Harrison brought Blake up to the hotspot, and he told their love story. The talk went to a video of Blake and Holly. They were up on a hill, and he proposed. Holly said yes, and seemed surprised. I guess when you are on the Bachelor Pad, cameras become so normal they do not effect surprises. I truly wish them the best. The whole Michael and Holly situation was just unfortunate for both of them. 

     Next up, was bringing out the final four. At this point, Michael has no idea that Holly is engaged. Chris Harrison asked Michael if he had heard the news, and Michael replied with Holly is moving to South Carolina? Wrong! Holly said he did not know, and told him she and Blake were engaged. I have never encountered a more awkward moment in all Bachelor shows ever. There is nothing worse than heartbreak on television. 
      Michael and Holly spoke about why they deserved the money, and then Michelle and Graham did the same. Michelle and Graham are wonderful people. I feel so fortunate to talked to her. Chris Harrison shared the love the Bachelor family has for Michelle, and then she talked about her father, which broke my heart. Graham went on to talk about how much love was in his vicinity. I love these two, I hope they become a couple, and get married. Michelle and Graham I would really love an invite. 
     The cast voted and Michael and Holly won. I felt awful for Michelle, because I know she wanted to use this money to make a difference. The rules were if one of them chooses keep, and the other chooses share, then the persons gets to keep the money. If they both choose share, then they get to share. If they both choose keep, then the cast gets to split the money. Holly explained she chose share, because she really did not do anything, and Michael deserved the money. Michael gave a long speech, and acted like he was going to keep the money. They both chose share and received $125,000 each.

       The money had to make a better situation for Michael, considering the circumstances. Holly won all the way around, love and money. Only on the Bachelor Pad could these situations occur.
      The show concluded with the next Bachelor. It is Ben even though it had been spoiled already. I think he is precious, and cannot wait for him to find love. If one gets sent on a boat to nowhere, they have to be offered the Bachelor. Cannot wait for the next season of the Bachelor. 

      My next post will be my favorite things from the whole season. Then I will post a survey on what you all would like my posts to be in the downtime of the Bachelor. There will be a variety of choices. 
Please let me know your thoughts on last night. Did your favorite win?
Photo credits belong to ABC.
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