Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday: 46NYC

       46NYC is a company that gives money to charitable foundations. Graham Bunn and two of his friends created 46NYC. 46NYC is dedicated to fighting disease, abuse, poverty, birth defects, malnutrition, inadequate education, and now, breast cancer.

      Michelle Money lost her father to colon cancer in August. She and Graham collaborated on a shirt in honor of her father, Scott Cartwright. If you have been following the Bachelor Expert, you know the love I have for the wonderful Michelle Money. She interviewed with me in August, and is truly a remarkable person.

I have included a picture of me in the shirt below.

    If you have not bought a shirt yet, you can go here

    I will be collecting pictures of fans in their shirts for a blog post. You can include a picture and a short message, if you would like. You can send them to

I am positive it will mean a lot to Michelle. 
Thanks everyone. Hope you all enjoyed Fashion Friday. Have a fabulous day!

Bachelor Expert

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