Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gifts and Jewelry: Two of a Girl's Favorite Things

Does anyone have the Bachelor blues? There are 48 days until the Bachelor starts!! Since Christmas is approaching very fast I thought I would make a gift list. Let the retail therapy and gift giving begin.

The gift that keeps on giving: Tribute Bracelet seen in US Weekly, $36.00.



1. Traditional mom: Stella & Dot has a great Mom Charm. In addition you can add a birthstone charm and the chain for an even more personal touch. If you would like to buy this with a sibling you can add both of your birthstones and a heart.


2. Fashionista mom: My mom loved this Claire necklace!! This necklaces is on sale for $36.75. Besides being absolutely fabulous this is a great bargain.

3. I love this choice for any mom. This bracelet is adorable! I wear it, and you might even want it yourself. This comes in gold or silver and is $49.00. 

Little Fashionista:

1. Mini Soiree Necklace, $24.00.

2. Kristin Pearl Bracelet, $16.00.

3. Mini Charlotte Necklace, $39.00.


1. There is also a sister charm that is extremely cute that is $34.00.

2. I like this initial charm and find it as a great gift. You could also add the birthstone charm or even a heart.

3. There are two great finds for the fashionista sister.

The Panther Pendant Necklace necklace was featured in Vogue, $49.00


The Soiree Trio Ring: $49.00


1. Maddie Pearl Earrings, $29.00. 

2. La Coco Gold Pearl Strand, $39.00. 

Best Friend:

1. I love the Wishing Nugget Bracelet for a friend, $39.00.

2. Marchesa Studs are cute studs that would go with everything, $29.00.

3. Renegade Mini Drop Earrings, $24.00.

You: Everyone needs to give a treat to themselves. 

1. Petra Braided Bracelet, $98.00. 

2. Chantilly Lace Cuff, $98.00.

3. Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings, $49.00. 

I hope you love all of the choices. If you have any questions about the jewelry. Please e-mail me, ashley_elgin2010@yahoo.com. My site is http://www.stelladot.com/sites/AshleyElgin .

Please let me know what you think of all of the stuff. All photos rights belong to Stella & Dot. 


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