Friday, December 2, 2011

America's Sweetheart: Emily Maynard

     The title of America's Sweetheart goes to Emily Maynard. I did not doubt this result one bit. Bachelor Expert readers love Emily Maynard, along with myself. It is truly remarkable that someone can be that sweet, beautiful and fashionable. She has faced difficult situations in life with such grace. 

     Most importantly Emily is an amazing mother to her precious daughter Ricki! 
Photo credit: Emily Maynard

     Ricki wants a typewriter, bowling ball and electric guitar for Christmas. So cute! 
     It has been said that Emily is considering opening a children's store in Charlotte. How cute would that be? I would personally love to see Emily get a talk show. She and Michelle Money could give amazing makeovers! Then Ashley Spivey could give relationship advice.  I am totally serious with this idea. What do you think girls? 
     Emily is an absolute doll! I am proud to say she was voted as America's Sweetheart on my blog. Happy Friday everyone!
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