Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bachelor 16 Previews

  • Monica- She does not like a lot of the contestants, has slurred speech and thinks of Kacie as a sister. (I read she is bisexual, talk about a twist.)
  • Jenna- She is adorable and sheds a lot of tears. 
  • Ben- Benny boy drops his clothes and goes skinny dipping with the girl I am sure everyone hates. 
  • Emily- Sweet Emily from NC stands up for the greater good (the rest of the girls) and tells someone off (Ben's skinning dipping friend.) Also, Emily might hurt someone, gets the first kiss, and raps. She uses sanitizer, I kind of love her. 
  • Grandma- A senior citizen shows up and Ben looks terrified, as he is thinking "I did not ride in a boat to nowhere, and get humiliated for this." 
  • The girls hate horses, or at least the girl who arrived on one. 
  • Cursing will be at an all time high.
  • Courtney wants to shave eyebrows.
  • Forget about the world, the war is coming to Monday nights. 

Previews have failed me before, so tune in on Monday night. It is going to be quite the ride.


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