Monday, December 19, 2011

Bachelor and Bachelorette- Daytime Talk Show Idea

The Bachelor and Bachelorette dominate primetime 50% of the year. What about daytime? I think ABC should take Bachelor/ette favorites and create a talk show. There could be fun makeovers. The show could include:

1. Emily Maynard- fashion expert. 
2. Michelle Money- beauty and hair expert. 
3. Ashley Spivey- relationship guru. 
4. Jillian Harris- home makeovers.
5. Ali Fedotowsky- fashion/ career guru. 
6. Ashley Hebert- fitness (dance)/ dentist.
7. Nikki Kaapke- cooking expert. 

I have combined fan favorites and each would have a great purpose within the show. It would be an extreme makeover of the person, their house and love life. If the show could be on the same time as the Bachelor and Bachelorette, they could have people who have been sent home, on that week.

The Bachelor is an extremely popular franchise and so are talk shows. Let's bring the two together for daytime.

Would you like to see anyone else to be in my show idea?

I would only want to be the social correspondent, who goes around telling the people they will get makeovers. 

I obviously need the Bachelor back in my life. 

Who is ready for Ben's season??


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