Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favorite Bachelorette Season: Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky
Photo Credit: Ali Fedotowsky Facebook page

Ali Fedotowsky charmed America and Jake on Bachelor 14. Her sweet personality and cute clothes made her an early favorite. She did not take anyone's (Vienna) drama, which made me love her more. Then that sad moment in the hotel room when she had to go back to work, and Mark Zuckerberg was more liked by the Winklevoss twins than Bachelor nation.  
Shortly after, we heard Ali's plea to come back and Jake turned her down (not the best decision maker.) I was annoyed, but had one last hope that he would choose precious Tenley, of course he didn't.  
I had no doubts Ali would be the Bachelorette. She had the perfect personality for it and everyone loved her. Ali was back better than ever and ready for love.  
It was not an easy ride with people like Rated R and Frank. Ali snapping on Rated R was reality TV gold. Then he proceeded to hop off the show. To my dismay, Frank acted like he loved her and was in love with someone else. He left, but it was clear Ali was going to be okay.  
Ali chose Roberto and sent Chris home packing. Roberto proposing to Ali was a great moment. Now they are not together but I hope they both find happiness. Neither need to go on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, they need to find happiness with themselves, and then ultimately someone else.  

There are 11 days until the Bachelor première. Who is ready? 


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  1. Ali is by far my favorite too... but lost so many points breaking it off with Roberto. She gave Bach fans hope and now it's gone!