Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Best Friends: Ashley Squared

Ashley Spivey and Ashley Hebert at Bliss Spa event.
     With an overwhelming 81 votes, Ashley Hebert and Ashley Spivey won favorite best friends. Besides being everyone's favorite best friends, their friendship was a major part of Brad's season. I was angry when they were put on the 2 on 1 date. I thought maybe Brad would give them both roses, to my dismay he did not.

Precious Ashley and Scott.
Photo: Ashley Spivey's Twitter

     If you are a fan of the show, you know Ashley Hebert made it to the final three and was made the Bachelorette. I wanted Ashley Spivey to be her Co-Bachelorette, but Ashley S. found a great boyfriend, Scott.
    Ashley S. has Ashley H's back through her season. People said ridiculous things during Ashley H's season, and Ashley S. always stood up for her. Thankfully Ash found true love with J.P.

J.P. and Ashley
Photo: Ashley Hebert's Twitter

     Now Ashley squared double date with their boyfriends. They hang out and are best friends. This makes me super happy. If you don't find love on the Bachelor, you might find a best friend or love through a spinoff. I love Ashley squared.

Want your Ashley fix? Follow @AshleySpivey and @ashhebert on Twitter.

Ashley S. also has a fabulous blog that I love, saynotocosmo.com



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