Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Funniest Contestant Ever: Michelle Money

     Michelle Money might be the most quotable person in Bachelor history. I have thought she was beyond hysterical since Brad's season. Unfortunately, some people took her a little too seriously during Brad's season. After the Women Tell All, most people figured out that Michelle was joking and is one of the sweetest women ever.
     Michelle is a friend of the Bachelor Expert. In August I asked Michelle if she would like to do an interview, she replied with a yes. I was very excited, since I had just started my blog and was a major fan of Michelle. Even when things were not going well with her sick father, she still did everything in her power to make sure my interview with her was great. It was a heartbreaking moment when Michelle lost her father to colon cancer.  She is truly one of the most inspirational and funniest people. Here is my interview with her,
Photo: Michelle Money

     Michelle's humor is expressed in brilliant one liners. My favorite line of all is,  "Melissa does not wear her heart on her sleeve, she wears it on every article of clothing, including hair ties and panties."
If you have favorite Michelle lines, please just add them in the comments below. Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!
If you want to buy the shirt in honor of Michelle's father by 46NYC, here is the site



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