Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Don't Think Ali Should be the Next Bachelorette

     Some fans think Ali should be the next Bachelorette. I am against it. I am an Ali fan, along with many others. People fell in love with Ali on the Bachelor. Then fell in love with her and Roberto. Brad is the only person to have the Bachelor spot twice. Ali would be the first repeated Bachelorette, and to be on the Bachelor/ette series three times. This is not including Bachelor Pad.
Ali appearing on the Bachelorette again would hurt her fan base. There are Ali and Roberto fans who want them together. It will look bad if Ali goes on television to find love, after her breakup with Roberto. Trying again would make her and Roberto's relationship look like it means nothing, which would crush some people.  
After Brad could not have a successful relationship, from his second Bachelor run, with amazing women, I do not think ABC will take that chance again. Jake did not get an opportunity to be the Bachelor again. I do not think Ali will either.  
Ali is precious and I would love to have her on a show. She would be a great co-host for the Bachelor Pad. Ashley and J.P. have helped put a positive light on the series. I only think it is acceptable for people to repeat three times for two reasons. 1. They are going on the Bachelor Pad. 2. Or they have never been the Bachelor or Bachelorette.
I have my thoughts on who I think the next Bachelorette will be. She has been on before, and is great! I have not read any spoilers yet, so I only have speculations. I will post closer to the Bachelor. What do you think? Do you want Ali as the Bachelorette, or to get back with Roberto?  

Love, Ash


  1. I loved Ali and Roberto. I want them to get back together but if it's not meant to be, who are we to judge. I don't think she should be the next Bachelorette either. I didn't like it when Brad had a second chance and I hope that you're right in saying that you don't think the producers will do it again.

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