Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode One: “It almost worked for me.”

Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney
The anticipation is over, the long awaited Bachelor 16 première was last night. We had bacon, grandma and a horse before we even made it to the cocktail party.
Brittney brings her grandma, Sheryl. Sheryl explains she is there to introduce her granddaughter, as every former cast member is mad that they didn’t bring their grandma. Amber B. went as far to say, “It smells a lot like grandma.” This is coming from the girl who asked Ben if he wanted to taste some bacon.
Ben’s face during Lyndsie’s poem was priceless. Shawn is a doll. She is sweet and I hope she finds love. I don’t think Ben is to the point of being a father though.
I love Kacie and she pulled off his quote. Her sparkly sequined dress was my favorite of the night. Lindzi C’s entrance was brilliant. I would like to think she got left by the limo, her horse rescued her and raced to the house. Of course riding the horse was totally planned, but Ben loved it. I could pick up on their connection immediately. Not to mention Ben said, “Saved the best for the last.”
 Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney  
The girls were anti-horse. I don’t know what their problem with horses are, but Lindzi received the first impression rose, not the horse.  
Courtney will be good at this show. She knows exactly what to say. Poor Benny boy is not going to know what to hit him. I hope we can all stay sane with her continuously saying “I’m a model.” Sorry everyone, I have a feeling Ben will like her and she will stick around. Plus she is the drama factor and the girl on girl love.  

The Jenna Breakdown:  
In all of Bachelor history I have never seen such an unraveling on the first night. There have been people who have passed out and a girl who gave away her underwear, but this was bad. I am not even sure how this all happened. I have a feeling Jenna is not like this is "real life."  
Rachel is a cool chill girl. I am a little concerned she left her job for the show. She tried to mediate between Jenna and Monica.
Buckle up your seat belt! This is going to be a roller coaster. What did you all think of the first episode? Who are your favorites?  


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