Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode Three: Bridges, breakdowns and a favorite returns

     Bachelor fans, how crazy was episode three? I am sorry for falling off the map, besides tweeting a few times. I thought I felt terrible because of the Bachelor, unfortunately it was the flu.  I must say one thing before the recap, if it wasn't for Brad's "dumpster trash" they wouldn't have Ben. Talk about sloppy seconds times two girls.

     The episode started strong with the girls going to San Francisco. Emily receives the one-on-one and of course it is a fear conquering date. My mom called saying "He better give her a rose, I about died." My mom has a bridge phobia. The date was terrifying and I felt bad for Emily. Thankfully in true Bachelor fashion they made it to the top, kissed and became a stronger couple. To my dismay, a helicopter was not there to pick up the happy couple. How coincidental the girls had a telescope in a room pointing towards the bridge?

A kiss to celebrate them surviving.

     ABC shut down a street in San Francisco for a ski slope. Bikinis and snow sounds like a bad idea, this may because I am the worst at skiing. Ben called Rachel the best kisser and gave her the group date rose. The sad look Kacie had on her face when she didn't receive the rose broke my heart.  

The skiing extravaganza. 

     The next day was full of ups and downs. Brittney receives a one-on-one and appears to be the most disappointed person to receive a date ever. She talked to Ben and left willingly. Talk about out of the blue, I bet Sheryl was not very happy with her granddaughter. 

     Lindzi received the date since Brittney left. She took everything very well. I love Matt Nathanson so it was exciting to see him on the show. I am going to see Nathanson for my birthday. Of course Lindzi receives the rose.

The Most Dramatic Cocktail Party EVER: 

     The phrase "the most dramatic" has been used a lot in Bachelor history and the phrase applied this time. We see a mystery girl driving and telling Chris she is on her way to San Francisco. Then the biggest downward spiral in reality TV happened. Shawntel Newton, one of my favorite contestants showed up. Shawntel did an interview with me in August, you can read it Here. Love ya Shawtel hold your head up!

You are all crazy!

     I thought the girls were going to die. Shockingly, Courtney seemed to actually care, besides saying whats her butt. Come on who says that? You would have thought she won an Emmy when she received the rose, her acceptance speech was a little overdone but entertaining. 

     I cannot even verbally express how I feel about Jaclyn, comparing herself to Shawntel should never ever happen. I am glad she did not get a rose. I had enough of her. Then Erika passed out, a first in Bachelor history. She didn't even get a rose after passing out, talk about an epic fail. 

     Unfortunately Benny Boy shattered my dreams of him and Shawntel being a couple. I firmly stand by the fact if Courtney and Kacie would have stayed regardless, Shawntel would have received a rose. I know Shawntel will get a great guy. 

     Monday's episode showed people's true colors. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies. A lot of the "nice girls" showed an unflattering version of their personalities. If the next Bachelorette is from another season (supposed to be Emily) this episode is why. At this point, if girls look bad on TV against a fan favorite, America will not be pleased with them. This episode cleared up a lot for me. 

     Who do you think will be the next target? I feel like I am blogging about Revenge. I will have a video blog up on Friday.

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