Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode Two: Favorites and Benny Boy's Beloved

I will update my favorites every week, because a lot can happen. Completely normal people can go bat sh** crazy and some people turn over another leaf. For the most part my favorites have stayed the same. I will add some thoughts on a person that not many people like.

1. Kacie
I cannot sing enough praises about Kacie. She has a bubbly, sweet, fun personality. Sound familiar? Her and Ben's first date was special and they made a solid connection. Kacie will go far! Do you know what happened to the last three girls who received the first dates? They became the Bachelorettes. Yes, Jilly, Ali and Ashley all had first dates. They became fast fan favorites and I expect nothing less for Kacie. Her personality screams Bachelorette. I have correctly predicted the Bachelor and Bachelorette since DeAnna, besides Brad because that was out of the blue.
Contestant personality type: Ashley Hebert, Ali Fedotowky, and Jillian Harris.

2. Nicki
Nicki is so sweet. She makes the best out of situations. She rocked being a donkey. I appreciate the fact she is not a complainer. I would put her in the running for the Bachelorette, but I think former contestants will snatch her up quickly. Ames Brown and Michael Stagliano have both taken an interest to Nicki. Which if one of them wants to date her, they will speak in a much eloquent manner and not use the word snatch.
Contestant personality type (CPT): Tenley and Melissa Rycroft.

3. Lindzi
Lindzi didn't get a date, because Ben was already interested in her. She managed to keep calm and not be negatively effected by it, unlike Erika. I would have never guessed she drives a truck and dirt is her make up. Lindzi has excellent style for a farm girl. I mean I live on a farm but I do not drive a truck and horses freak me out. They have a strong connection. I cannot wait for them to have a one on one date.
Contestant personality type: Chantal O.

4. Emily
I think the hippy part was perfect role for Emily. She is chill and a cool girl. Her first impression of hand sanitizer is still a favorite of mine. I hope she raps again this season. There always has to be a singer of some sort, because you know "they say love don't come easy."
Contestant personality type: Shawntel N.

Jamie has fallen off my radar. I still appreciate the fact she said, "I'm not like a showgirl." I don't sense an initial connection between them, and I heard she is running for Miss NY. That changes my low key opinion of her. 

Ben's Favorite:
Courtney is undoubtably Ben's favorite. I talk about how smitten he is with her in my episode two recap. Courtney is nothing short of entertaining though. I know last season, people had harsh opinions towards one of my favorite contestants, Michelle Money. Courtney is definitely getting that edit. I hope she is just joking around, like I assumed with Michelle. I'm going to give her a "shot" until something happens. It is possible she is looking to launch her career, but she might actually like Ben. This is Bachelor land so I know the chances of her having ulterior motives are higher than not. For the TV show itself, I find her entertaining.
I told my boyfriend, "I find Courtney less irritating than Blakeley." He said, "I find them both as irritating."

We might, but Benny boy doesn't. From now on, I will add Ben's favorite weekly. The things he said about Courtney make me believe that won't change anytime soon.

What do all of you think? Who would you like to see as the Bachelorette? Are you glad Jenna is gone?

XO, Ash


  1. personally i think we needed a few more episodes with jenna around! and i found her blog- i'm not sure how she made that a full time job... it said under her name - jenna: blogger... and yet there was hardly anything on her site! did you see it yet? ;-) tara

  2. Yeah I saw it. It sure didn't seem like a blog that would be a job. We definitely needed her on a few more episodes. I'm shocked the producers didn't.