Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode Two: Hilarious lines

There were so many funny lines, but these were my favorite. Feel free to add your favorite in the comment section.

“She is something you can motorboat.” Samantha
“Blakeley’s freakin toxic.” Kacie
“It’s like a war out there.” Courtney
“Jugs came in.” Samantha
“Normally dirt is my make up.” Lindzi
“ You came out of your shell today.” I agree if Ben is calling Blakeley’s romper a shell. 
“How did that taste coming out of your mouth?” Courtney
“I’m not here to go on a date with 11 girls, I’m here to go on a date with Ben.” Blakeley. 
“I’m not going to beat a dead horse.” Courtney
“About to get fondled.” Emily
“Don’t worry we’re only kids.” The children
“You can’t really pick whether your going to say something or not. You gotta bring it.” Little girl
“What happens when a Prince kisses an ass? He likes it!” Nicki
“This is first time I have ever been attracted to a sheep.” Jaclyn 
“She is very horsy and a tranny.” Samantha