Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode Two: “It’s like a war out there.”

The Bachelor begins with the girls arriving in Ben’s hometown, Sonoma. Quickly after, Ben gave the first date card to Kacie.

1st one on one: 
Ben and Kacie walk around Sonoma and buy items at the candy shop. Kacie shows off her baton twirling skills. During dinner Ben says, “I need to see the South, the real south.” Kacie replies, “I will show you the South.”
During the date Ben says a sweet line, “You being here reaffirms this was a good decision.” He gives her the rose, but the date isn’t over yet. Kacie and Ben were such cute little kids. It is good that Ben and Kacie got to watch home videos and share a special moment. Among the helicopters and outrageous dates, this was refreshing.

Kacie during a serious conversation. 

1st Group Date: 
Blakeley, Jennifer, Samantha, Emily, Nicki, Shawn, Brittany, Jenna, Rachel, Monica and Jamie. Ben explains they will perform a play by the best play writes in the land. The kids tell the girls to get ready to audition. 
The children tell Nicki to do a “sexy dance.” She does the sprinkler and they say, “That is sexy.”
The children ask Blakeley to run in slow motion. The boys like her and the girls are not a fan. Which is the story of Blakeley’s life.
I thought the play was a funny idea. The residents of Sonoma are troopers for attending the play. How much free wine do you think they get?
While the girls are hanging out, Blakeley is being rude, and Samantha is mad at her, there is a date card at the house. The date goes to Courtney. Courtney rubs the girls the wrong way, while talking about how her and Ben will make out. 
The group date rose goes to Blakeley. I was in shock the girls didn’t leave the date. 

Blakeley talking about herself:

2nd one on one: 
Courtney wears the outfit Emily wore last year in South Africa. They walk in the forest and I swore I was transported into the Twilight movies. Scotch is a peculiar dog name for a winemaker. Courtney and Ben’s howling is entertaining. 
Ben is smitten with Courtney. He calls her the “total package.” She says the right things at the right time. I hope she is being honest with Ben, because if not Ben will crumble to pieces. “Courtney makes me think big picture” Ben. This is really bad for the girls. The connection they have will turn the girls against her, if she doesn’t do it first. 

A series of Courtney events:

Cocktail Party:
Ben reassures Lindzi he remembers her name. She talks about how she is country and how dirt is her make up.
Blakeley angers more girls at the party as she goes and steals him from the girls on two different occasions. That is not cool, considering she already has a rose. Yet she does not understand why the girls don’t like her, talk about absurd. Then she goes and cries in a corner. She makes the girls mad at her and then wants sympathy for it.
Jenna has an epic fail of one on one time, that makes her go cry in a bed.
Jamie has one on one time and shares she is not like a show girl (Blakeley). Brittany is also effected the Blakeley fiasco. Ben finds Blakeley in the corner and feels bad for her. Then he finds Jenna under the covers. Who knew Ben would have to round up his girls for the rose ceremony? If this continues he will need to borrow Lindzi’s horse.

Rose Ceremony:  
The roses handed out in order:  
Kacie (first date) 
Blakeley (group date) 
Courtney (2nd one on one) 
Jennifer (made up for not giving her the date rose.)
Casey S.

Jenna and Shawn were sent home. Shawn had a respectable exit. Jenna had a final breakdown. My boyfriend fell asleep while watching and asked when the next Jenna breakdown would be. I told him the last one occurred. 

The departed:

Beginning of the end.

I'm not going to get a rose.

I showed him this morning and the look on his face was priceless. Jenna needs to find with someone who has never watched the Bachelor or from the Bachelor. I'm going to miss her cute outfits and am sad we didn't really get to know her, just the alcohol induced producer version of Jenna.
The previews show a mystery girl, who do you think it is? The Kacie and Ben blooper was hilarious. “Somebody’s getting booked.” I love them. I am pulling for Kacie to be the next Bachelorette. She has the first date luck. Who knows what ABC has up their sleeve.



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