Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bachelor 16: Favorites


1. Kacie: Precious is the best way to describe her. She is adorable and funny. God bless her for trying to calm the “Jenna storm.” She even tried to make it better for Jenna. 

Photo credit: ABC

2.  Nicki: I love her! She is a good girl, extremely pretty. Her bubbly personality will be refreshing throughout the show. Plus she is brunette, Ben’s favorite. Her relationship past is sad, but she is the mixture of Tenely and Melissa Rycroft. Trust me when I say, she will go far.

Photo credit: ABC

3.  Lindzi: She is a pretty girl and appears very normal. Her entrance made Bachelor history. Most importantly, Ben has a connection with her. They had a real conversation and was not awkward. On this season, not being awkward, is a great characteristic.

Photo credit: ABC

4. Emily: The sanitizer was clever and it shared a lot about her. Her rap was great. Ben will like her intelligence and personality.

Photo credit: ABC

 5. Jamie: She has had a tough past, which makes her very mature. She took care of her siblings and struggled. Her down to earth personality is great for this show.

Photo credit: ABC

Who do you love so far?


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