Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bachelor Episode 4: Fishing, Fighting and Feuds Galore

The fourth episode begins with Ben riding a horse talking about "rough life." Rachel gets a one-on-one. Their conversations include silence and talking about beaver dams. This takes Rachel's "communication issues" to the next level. My boyfriend says "She will open up at dinner and get a rose." He is right, it happens. Ben gives Rachel a rose during one of the most awkward dates in Bachelor history.

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Group Date: One of the least luxurious date in Bachelor history happens, they go fly fishing. Kacie B. is upset, she has first date syndrome. Ashley, Ali and Jilly had it. It happens and it does not mean she is desperate. Lindzi enjoys fishing and outdoor things, unfortunately she cannot get Ben's attention away from Courtney. Then Courtney catches a fish, and the girls' faces drop. 

I got one!
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Courtney is ridiculously good at this show. She captures Ben and the fish. Her two personalities are a little overwhelming for me. I hope she is the "sweet Courtney" we see when she is with Ben. The date proceeds in a hot tub environment.
Pageant wave.
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Samantha interrupts Nicki and Ben's time. You could tell by Ben's tone it is going to be an epic fail. Ben tries to turn down Samantha easily, but she doesn't notice. He says, "I don't think this will go very much farther," literally the walk to the car was it. He could have been more respectful. Of course Courtney was pleased. Ben pulls Kacie away and they have a great talk. They kiss and it appears that she is getting the rose. Then Ben goes and talks to Courtney and she is insecure. Ben thinks Courtney needs the reassurance more, and I think the girls are going to kill her. 

Courtney gets the rose?
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The date card arrives for Jennifer. Ben and Jennifer have a great connection. I wish she would have worn darker jeans. They drop into the crater and Jennifer is terrified. I think she forgot about the date she watched through the telescope, much more petrifying. They fall into the water and make out and go to a Clay Walker concert. Jennifer gets the rose without a doubt. 

Cocktail Party: Cue the meow-down Emily vs. Courtney. Emily should have not used her time to talk about Courtney. Ben clearly did not want to know names and Emily slipped who it was. Never dis the person with a rose. This always makes the Bachelor and Bachelorette try to prove the person wrong. Examples Ashley with Bentley, Jilly with Wes, Ali with Frank and Rated-R, etc. Emily tells Casey S what she told Ben. I forgot Casey S was on the show and she is friends with Courtney, interesting. Casey S goes and tells Courtney which was uncalled for, don't fuel the already blazing fire. Courtney gets angry and says she wants to "shave her eyebrows off," "wants to verbally assault her." Emily does not know what she got herself into, this is a lose-lose situation. Courtney is too good at this game.

I am her friend.
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Jennifer, Rachel and Courtney already have roses. Kacie, Nicki, Blakeley, Jamie, Lindzi, Casey S and Emily receive roses. 

Monica was sent home and I was disappointed. I think he was trying to teach Emily a lesson and in the previews it appears she hasn't learned it. I'm going to give Courtney the benefit of the doubt that she is getting the "Michelle" edit. It looks like it is going to get worse, we'll have to wait and see. What do you all think? Emily Maynard is the next Bachelorette! I will have a post up about it soon.


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