Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Next Bachelorette: America's Sweetheart Emily Maynard

ABC recently announced Emily Maynard is the new Bachelorette. Emily has been a fan favorite since the sweet southern belle arrived on Brad 2.0. I am so proud she won America's Sweetheart on my blog. This title has stuck with her and describes her perfectly. I have kept up on her fashion and life. Emily is such a kind person.

Her personality, looks and fashion capture the audience. She has an incredible maturity and wisdom about her. Coming into this process she has another person to think about, her precious daughter Ricki. Emily has overcome hardships in her life. She lost the love of her life in a plane wreck and found out she was pregnant days later. She is an incredible mother and takes her responsibilities seriously.

ABC will have to make some changes to accommodate her. I believe that great measures had to be made for Emily to change her mind. I have heard the set will be moving to Charlotte and that is the game changer. Emily would not leave Ricki again.

Ricki and Emily.
Source: Emily Maynard's Twitter

I hope that Emily won't have to deal with too much shenanigans. I feel the Bachelorette is a good position for her to be in. The guys know her story and are aware of the situation they are getting into. I distinctly remember Emily telling Brad, "Kids get sick in the middle of the night." These guys need to take this seriously.
The great thing is Emily being a mom is part of her charm. I am hoping she will find a mature, kind and funny guy. I see Emily getting rid of anyone who isn't serious. She will not tolerate drunk "frat guys."

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Emily's fashion is going to be out of control. Her outfits will be to die for! I am beyond excited. Each time I have spoken to Emily she has been so kind. I cannot wait to blog about America's Sweetheart. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I'm beyond excited for Emily to be the next Bachelorette. I love how it's going to shake things up too. It'll be a nice twist to the show. I'm excited!