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Bachelor 16 Episode Eight: "Home is where the heart is"

Hometowns are my favorite episode. 

     The hometowns start out in Ocala. Lindzi picks Ben up on a horse. Lindzi is laid-back and Ben would be lucky to have her. They have a natural connection. I could see Lindzi doing normal regular day to day things.
Come get in my horse.
Source: ABC

     The Cox family is awesome! They drink some wine and chat. Mama and Papa Cox bring up a great idea, carriage racing. Entertaining situations happen on the Hometown dates, but this is a first. Carriage racing looks fun and the “old people” win. 
     Ben finds out Lindzi was living with “Mr. Dumpsville” and looks concerned. I guess Ben forgot that three months previously he proposed to a woman he was in love with. Then a few weeks ago he went skinny dipping with a model. Ben shouldn’t be the concerned one. 

     The preview sets this date up to be a fail. Ben shows up at a football field. The field was named after Kacie’s grandfather. We see a band and Kacie twirling her baton. Ben looks happy to see her but Kacie does the jump in his arms. This is a bad sign, she cares more in the relationship.

This is my grandfather's field.
Source: ABC
     Kacie tells Ben her father doesn’t drink and they are in the “Bible Belt.” Ben is terrified with good reasoning, his business is booze. This was strike one. Her parents do not want her to move in with Ben before marriage. The Bachelor is such a short process, this is strike two. Her father pretty much asked to send her home if he wasn’t going to choose her, strike three. 

You are going to get me sent home.
Source: ABC
     I think Kacie’s family had extremely valid concerns. They may have not been as open to the process as they could have been. This is their daughter and they didn’t want her to get hurt. Kacie knew this date did not go well. 

     We arrive in Texas to meet Nicki’s parents. Ben and Nicki go shopping for cowboy boots  and hats. Ben is excited to get cowboy boots, he says he has always wanted a pair. Hats are Ben’s friend.  
Nicki and Ben are such a cute couple.
Source: ABC

      Nicki’s parents are divorced, yet get along so well. Her parents have the perfect balance of protecting their daughter and trusting her. Nicki her and family are guarded because of her divorce, but still keep a level head. I really like Nicki.
     They gave Ben their blessing. It really appears he has the best connection with Nicki, minus the physical connection he has with Courtney. 
     I could not wait for this date. The date starts out strong. We see Courtney reflecting on the experience and how she wishes she wouldn’t have been mean to the girls. I feel like this is a little too late. We are supposed to believe she felt bad after a few free days but didn’t during the process?

Want to have a fake wedding?
     To me it appears that the show is in “save face mode.” A lot of viewers do not like Courtney but he is obviously going to choose her. I don’t think Courtney is evil by any means. I think she could have handled herself a lot better. I formed a lot of my opinion of her when she did not accept Emily’s apology. 
     Courtney’s mom was unsure of Courtney being in love. Then Courtney’s interview talked about how her mom is always right. We can see Courtney gets her personality from her mother. They have the same voice, personality and facial expressions. In this episode, Courtney seems to be more interested in Ben. 

This looks like love.
Source: ABC

     Nothing says awkward like a mock wedding. If anyone else would have done that he would have run the other way. He weirdly liked the mock wedding. Courtney should never be allowed to have a purse again. People were saying that Courtney stole the vows from Sex and the City, which really makes me laugh. Originality must have not been in the forefront of her mind. 

Rose Ceremony
     Ben gives roses to Courtney, Lindzi and Nicki. It is awful to watch Kacie’s heart break. She was falling hard and everyone knew her limo ride was going to be rough. She went from really sad to a sailor. I hope her father lets her back in the house. Kacie will find someone great for her. She is still one of my favorites. 
Photos courtesy of ABC.
What did you think of this episode? Who was your favorite family? 

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