Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bachelor 16 Episode Nine: Time to Save Face

     Switzerland includes the Fantasy Suites. Every season I feel bad for the woman who gets sent home this week. It sucks for a person to get sent home after spending the night. At least Nicki had him first, besides the Puerto Rico skinny-dipping. 

Nicki's Date:

     You would not catch me on a mountain top. It is fun to watch these two as a couple. They are always having a great time. When they are together there isn't any drama or worries. The whole kid comment concerned him. Nicki is far more ready for marriage than Ben. She needs someone more serious.

At least she got him first, kinda.
Source: ABC

Lindzi's Date:

      Lindzi is a great girl. I have liked her since the beginning. She is everything Ben asked for in a girl,  laid-back and drama free. She even tolerates Courtney, which is an achievement. He said he loved Lindzi multiple times. Whether it means love or in love, is yet to be determined. Lindzi has a great family and is outdoorsy and would be happy in California. 

Another adrenaline date?
Source: ABC

     If he does not choose Lindzi he will look bad. America will be mad and the media will take full advantage of it. 

Courtney's Date:

     This date shows Ben's concerns with Courtney. He said Courtney "twisted the knife." Courtney looked fairly concerned when talking about this. Courtney went on to apologize to Ben and the camera. Last time I checked, she wasn't mean to either of them.

I really need to make a comeback.
     Regardless of what Courtney does, it really doesn't seem to matter. Whether everyone hates it or not, it really appears he going to choose her. Hopefully he was joking about wanting someone who everyone likes. I'm sure Courtney will go in full blown save face mode. She might win Ben, but she is definitely not Miss Congeniality. 

Oh that whole twisting the knife thing. No biggie!
Source: ABC

Kacie's Return: 

     I was happy to see Kacie again. She is a doll and everyone loves her. I knew her family sealed her fate. They were way more conservative than Ben. Unfortunately, it was out of Kacie's control and it Ben should have trusted her. I don't blame her for telling Ben about Courtney. My stomach dropped when Ben said "I didn't see you in the end." Well why did you keep her until the final four?

Make him dump you with perfect make-up and hair.
Source: ABC

Rose Ceremony: 

     Ben chooses to not have Kacie at the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison acts shocked when Ben talks about Kacie's return. I love him. She probably called Chris like the other 5,000 people who have his phone number and show up. 

     Lindzi receives the first rose of the night and Courtney looks worried. She tosses her hair and looks like she might walk out. I find it interesting Ben said he would take until the final minute, and it was between Courtney and Nicki.

     He chose Courtney and sent Nicki packing. She was heartbroken and it was hard to watch. The girls this season have Ben's best interest in mind. They have sincere hopes for him to be happy. It really showed Nicki's character, giving Courtney a hug. I hope Kacie and Nicki were able to fly back to the United States together. 

My next post will include my thoughts on Emily's preview. 

The Women Tell All is next week. Who do you think Ben will choose? Are you forgiving Courtney? 


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