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Bachelor 16 Episode Seven: "Take Care"

It is down to six Lindzi, Kacie, Nicki, Courtney, Rachel and Emily. Kacie is in love with Ben as she can get, this is going to be bad. Chris Harrison shows up to let the women know the importance of this week. All of the phobias are addressed in this episode, heights and sharks. The women need to put cupcakes and puppies on their application forms.

One-on-one: Lindzi  
Ben shows up to get Lindzi and all of the women are by the pool. He is wearing one of his infamous man tanks. 

Lindzi took my cheescake.
Source ABC

Lindzi is wearing an adorable black dress. They jump in a helicopter. ABC has to hit their helicopter quota this year, because they were lacking at the beginning of this season. Then they arrive over a blue hole, that is 500 feet below them. 
Do you love my man tank?
Source: ABC

Ben tells her they will be jumping into the blue hole. Lindzi is terrified but takes one for the team by jumping in, because if something terrible happened at least Courtney would not be "winning." Ben kisses her to calm her down, what he does best.  

Lindzi confirms to Ben she does want him to meet her family. Then they write a letter to put in a bottle, "Once upon a time..." Oh if Lindzi knew he went skinny dipping with the evil counterpart, this would be a lifetime movie and not a fairytale. For Ben's future children's sake, he should marry Lindzi so they could have her hair. 

Who Ben should choose.
Source: ABC

Ben is so happy with Lindzi and they have such an honest relationship minus the skinny dipping part. The adorable couple throws the bottle in the ocean. I hope Courtney finds it on the beach when her glass is getting empty. 

One-on-one: Emily Emily arrives to Ben from a small plane. They ride bicycles through town and play some basketball. The date goes very well compared to their other encounters. Ben and Emily go to buy some lobsters and find they have to go get their own. This is the Bachelor I should have known it 
would be too easy to buy lobsters. It is time to overcome adversity team.  

That Courtney girl came by already.
Source: ABC

Ben asks Emily is she is confident enough with their relationship to take him to meet her family. She talks about how there is missed time because of the "Courtney talks." It looks like it might be a failing conversation but she saves face. Then extends a formal invitation to meet her family. 

Source: ABC

Courtney's breakdown: Meanwhile back at the ranch (hotel) Courtney is having a fit. She is unsure if she wants Ben to meet her family. If she doesn't get a one-on-one she will want to go home. She even goes to the extent of saying, "I want to kill myself." Courtney proceeds to write in what looks to be a diary or a hit list, the producers leave it up to our imaginations.  

Are those tears?
Source: ABC

One-on-one: Courtney The date card has Courtney's name on it. She acts so excited, not. 

"I'm excited"
Source: ABC

They go to a Mayan temple and Courtney automatically says "Is this where they do the human sacrifices?" Please do not let her take Emily anywhere. During the walk up the mountain all of Courtney can think of is her uncertainty about their relationship.  

She tells Ben, "If I didn't get a one-on-one I wasn't going to accept a rose." Ouch! She goes on to talk about how she lost the spark. Wow how uncomfortable. I was in your shoes once and in Ashley H's shirts always. Courtney pretty much shoots Ben down yet he completely respects that. He is so into her it isn't even funny. He consoles her like a child who fell off a bike and scrapes her knee.  

I'm glad there aren't any women around here.
Source: ABC

Ben says, "Oh my dad." He is intensely connected with Courtney. I guess they can find a spark with their clothes on, now that is an accomplishment. Their dinner gets serious, they talk about the past, present and future. Courtney shares that she is ready for Ben to meet her family and Ben looks like it is Christmas morning.  

Mayan temple + Courtney= end of the world.
Source: ABC

Courtney can have her moments when you can see why Ben likes her. Then in a matter of seconds she says things, that make you want to beat your head against the wall. "Snap" has replayed her catchphrase "Winning." Snap is what America's going to do if she doesn't stop saying that.  
It was incredibly annoying when Courtney acts like she tried to be best friends with the women. She tells Ben how she tried to get to know them and Ben looks concerned. Ben asks if she has girlfriends and she says she has guy friends. "Do you know what my job is like? I'm the talent." Oh Benny boy you are going to have compete with all of those guys. She is being the Courtney we see to Ben at that moment.  

Group Date: Kacie, Nicki and Rachel  
Ben wakes the women up in the middle of the night. The girls get in their swimsuits and jump in the shower. They get in a boat and surprise, everyone is going swimming with the sharks. Rachel is terrified and taking up all of Ben's time. Kacie and Nicki are not too thrilled. Forget the sharks, Kacie is afraid of how "Rachel is monopolizing Ben's time." My boyfriend told me these sharks do not even have teeth.  

Come on Rachel the producers are going to make sure no one will die. That is why they give Courtney her own room. Rachel gets the first time alone and at least they talk more than they used to. Ben does not look into her, especially enough to meet her family.  

Nicki is in love.
Source: ABC

Nicki lets Ben know she is falling in love with him. She isn't afraid to let everyone know. Nicki is so cute and sweet. Did anyone catch the soundbite that was used in the previews? 
Then Ben spends time with my favorite, Kacie. She is very ready to take Ben home to her family. She shares with Ben she is falling for him. Ah I am so afraid for these women. Their hearts are going to get broken. Kacie receives the group rose.  

Ben is going to meet my parents!!!!
Source: ABC

The women prepare and get ready to throw Courtney under the bus. They explain to Ben they want him to be happy. He looks extremely concerned. Ben wants to hear their opinions and they spill. The women make sure Ben knows it isn't just her and Emily fighting. Hey Ben if every single woman on this show things she is there for the wrong reasons, they are probably right. 

This kiss receives a rose.
Source: ABC

Rose Ceremony:  
There is no cocktail party. Thank God Ben didn't make out with some women before kicking them to the curb. Chris tells them to get their thoughts together which is code for pop a Xanax and get in here.  
People are going home. (Insert evil laugh)
Source: ABC

Courtney is not worried because it isn't in her nature or drink. I attribute her confidence to the liquid courage she consumes. Ben steals her away and of course she takes it as a compliment. Nicki, Lindzi and then Courtney receives the final rose. Ben doesn't even walk the women out. I find this disrespectful, they deserved more than that. See ya later, take care. Courtney shakes her rose in the air, reaffirming her personality.  

No worries Emily, you won't be alone. There will be plenty of guys out there for you. What did you all think of this episode? Next week is the hometowns. Is Courtney evil? She probably isn't but she is sure playing the game well. I can't wait to see her family, still betting they are the Malfoys.


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