Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bachelor 16: After The Final Rose

To be honest, I forget I hadn't posted an "After The Final Rose" story. It was fairly uneventful. Lindzi was not even brought out on stage.

Courtney came on stage and talked about her relationship with Ben. Everything has not been rainbows and butterflies. He was not the biggest fan of her actions and dumped her a few days before Valentine's Day. Courtney said, he didn't get her flowers, call her or even give her a card. This is bad coming from the guy who stood by her side no matter what this season.

She is unsure of where their relationship stands. She is hurt and does not have complete trust in him. For once, I could understand Courtney's point.

Chris Harrison has Ben come on stage. Ben admits they broke up for a bit, but are back together. He makes it seem as if things are hunky dory. He seems a little shaken that Courtney does not completely trust him.

Chris shares he has something in his pocket. Is is Polly? Sorry '90s kids joke. It is the ring.

They watch the reflection time, fall in love all over again. Ben gives her the ring and they are back on.
It really does seem that Courtney is more into Ben than he is her, which is shocking. I cannot believe she went wedding dress shopping to divert attention of the "cheating allegations."

How long do you think they will last. For a month, six months or more? Do you think we are on a one way ticket to a break-up special.

Photo credits go to ABC and The Bachelor.

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