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Bachelor 16 Episode 10: The Most Dramatic Women Tell All Ever

Chris Harrison drops the Bachelor bomb, Courtney will be attending the Women Tell All. Cue the Bachelor Reunion, hello former contestants. Bring out the fan favorites, Ali, Reid and Mr. Sunshine (Ryan). Nothing says Ryan like water heaters, and the women must think he is hot because they flocked to him.

We hear about the demise of Ali and Roberto’s relationship. Ali reflects and then bam, Frank! Woah I was not expecting that. They hug and are pals. Ali and Frank did always have chemistry. ABC needs to stop playing with my emotions, I feel emotionally vulnerable. We hear from other favorites. They talk about who they want to be on Bachelor Pad and their thoughts on this season.

Women Tell All

In attendance:  
Shawntel: Her dress was major! It was great to see Shawntel back to defend herself. The women were really mean to her. I fully believe that is why the Bachelorette is not from this season.  
Emily: She looked great. I think Emily is just so awesome. Ben was not the smartest sending her home. Hopefully her and Ames unite their extremely intelligent brains.  
Nicki: She looked beautiful as always. Nicki is a classy woman. She will find someone who cares about her, as much as she does him.  

Kacie B: Kacie makes me want to buy all of her clothes. She has incredible style and remains one of my absolute favorites.  
Courtney: Courtney looked pretty, purple is a great color on her. I don’t know if her apology was genuine, and don’t really mind either way. She was TV gold and that is all I expected from her.  
Amber T: Cow balls girl, I am quite sad we didn’t get to see her and Ben play “Hey cow.” 
Monica: I am glad she and Jenna finally shared a tampon. Jamie: She has to relieve her “fancying” around.  
Samantha: She is an excellent debater. 
Jaclyn: She is a Paris Hilton lookalike.  
Erika: Still not cool in my book, because of what she said about Shawntel. She is the girl who passed out this season.  
Brittney: I wish she would have brought Sheryl.  
Elyse: She said her famous “who is she?” line, actually knowing who Shawntel was.  
Jenna: Not enough screen time for Jenna.  
Jennifer: Super pretty, I love the bright red hair.  
Rachel: I missed your fabulous bangs.  
Casey S: She is still the only person on “Team Courtney.” 
Blakeley: Looked very pretty, had the chance to go off on all of the people who talked smack.
Chris gets the women fired up by showing a montage of hatorade. Samantha doesn’t like Blakeley, and Blakeley doesn’t like Rachel then everyone dislikes Courtney.  

First up: Blakeley vs. Samantha 
I felt like I was watching the presidential debate. Loud insults and fury for everyone. I could not ask for more during a Women Tell All. 
The Brittney Situation:  
She left because she was not attracted to Ben. Samantha thinks it is because of Blakeley. Brittney calls Samantha “the chihuahua” because she can’t shut up. Chris Harrison lost his composure like Anderson Cooper. Winner: Brittney  
Shawntel Returns:  
Shawntel is an amazing person. During Ashley’s season, I thought Ben would be great for Shawntel. Ben and the women did not agree. The women were awful to her. They said such terrible things. The craziest thing I heard was “dumpster trash.” Brad dumped Ashley, who dumped Ben, who dumped you. Who is the loser in this scenario?

The women tried to backtrack and it really was not effective. I fully believe, these actions made it to where the Bachelorette would not come from this season. Shawntel looked beautiful at the Women Tell All and classy.  
Winner: Shawntel 
Emily: An attempt to tread lightly  
Ben and Emily had a strong start. He made her climb up a bridge, which I wouldn’t have done. She told Ben her thoughts on Courtney and he said, “tread lightly.” Awful line then, and it still sounds terrible. Ben should have walked Emily and Rachel out the night, but at least they received a sincere, “see ya.” 
The adorable Nicki Sterling:  
From the beginning, Nicki’s attitude was refreshing to watch. She and Ben always had a great time. Their dates were fun and they seemed to have a connection. Nicki gave her heart away and had it broken. This was hard to watch again. I know the men in Texas will find Nicki and treat her right.
Chris Harrison tells Nicki, “Maybe you will receive those answers.” I thought you had to fly to Switzerland for those.

America’s favorite, Kacie B: 
Kacie B and Ben made an instant connection. She had the first date which put her as the frontrunner. America fell in love with Kacie, and it appeared Ben did also. It was shocking to the audience and Kacie, that she was being sent home. Watching her limo exit again was painful.
Do you want the women to be completely shocked? Bring on the talked about model and make the women watch a hateful segment. This montage was not winning.  

Courtney shows up:

It is made clear that Nicki and Kacie tried to not hate for as long as possible. The women tell America how Courtney has two personalities. I hope she is the “nice” one and not the human sacrifice Courtney. The women are infuriated, Courtney claims to made an effort with the women.  
Casey S, her sidekick stood by her side. This did not defuse the situation. “Winning” doesn’t always mean winning. Was she under a rock during the Charlie Sheen train wreck?  
Courtney apologizes in a roundabout fashion. There is so much to apologize for and so little time. At least everyone got a word in about her behavior. Courtney brought on the tears and said, “I cared for Ben.” Past tense? I don’t think that was part of the plan. It would have been interesting to leave Courtney and Ben out there during the Women Tell All, to see who Courtney acts like, Thing 1 or Thing 2.

The fact Courtney did not accept Emily’s apology mid-season, really formed my opinion of her. How can she not accept her and apology and then hope the women forgive her. I guess it doesn’t matter since they wouldn’t be friends in real life anyway.  
My summary of Courtney is she was entertaining. Her sole purpose was to cause drama and fire the women up. In the process, she and Ben may have fallen in love, but the past tense does not sound reassuring. Ben was supposed to end up with Emily, Kacie, Nicki or Lindzi. This show rarely pans out the way the producers intend.  
If Courtney and Ben are together and happy, more power to them. Courtney leaves in a limo, while the women are “still talking” about her. Who knows if they really are. What is there even left to talk about? Oh wait, we haven’t talk to Ben yet.  
Ben’s Appearance: Nothing too dramatic occurred with Ben out there. Nicki asked a few questions. Kacie looked sad, but there was a highlight of the night, Jamie! As if fancying around the first time was not enough, Jamie told Ben she still thinks he is fabulous. That if he isn’t still with the final one, she’ll take him. It was another awkward moment, but hilarious.  

Cue the final two montage:  
First we see all of Courtney and Ben’s moments. They showed their best experiences, except for Puerto Rico. Courtney and Ben seem to get along really well and they do have a strong connection. The faces of the women were really funny. I thought they were all going to throw up, while watching.  
I honestly find it hard to believe if Ben chooses Courtney, they will stay together. There have been failed relationships on this show, that I thought would work out. They do not seem in it for long lasting love. If only I had a witty “Sex and the City,” line to say there.  
Lindzi’s video received smiles. The women were genuinely happy to see Ben and Lindzi together. I think this says a lot about how they are as people. The women don’t dislike everyone, they obviously aren’t jealous. Lindzi is a great fit for Ben. In the words of Patti Stanger, “the penis does the picking.”  
All of the women said bad things about each other. Some were just more tolerable than others. The way Courtney acted put a target on her back. She wanted to be the center of attention, and got it.  
Did you think this was the best Women Tell All ever? Do you think Ben will choose Lindzi or Courtney. I am quite sad we did not get to see enough of Jenna. I have an exciting interview coming up at the end of the week, not sure if you could see it among the Twitter madness.  


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