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The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky Interview

Ali Fedotowsky
Photo: Ali's Facebook
     America met Ali Fedotowsky on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.” The Williamstown, Massachusetts native received the first date of the season. She wore a sunny yellow dress, comparable to her positive attitude. This was a good sign. It was clear she was an early fan favorite. 
     Ali and Jake had a strong connection. Unfortunately, Ali had to either choose between her job and Jake. She made the right decision in  choosing work. Towards the end of the season, Ali wanted to come back and Jake did not grant her wish. Thankfully, this gave her the opportunity for  “The Bachelorette.”

Ali's Bachelorette promo picture.
Photo:  ABC

     I remember the night, "The Bachelorette" was announced. My boyfriend made me cover my eyes, and told me Ali wasn’t the Bachelorette. I about died, but of course he was kidding.  In 2011, Ali was voted "Favorite Bachelorette season" by Bachelor Expert readers.  
     Ali had a lot of hardships throughout her season. There were guys with girlfriends, who left unexpectedly. In the end, she chose Roberto Martinez. Even though it wasn’t forever, Ali always makes the best decision for her life. Her fierce independence is admirable and a good example for women everywhere. 
Ali on her girl's day with fellow Bachelorettes.
Photo: Ali's Facebook
     On February 27, 2012,  Ali was featured on “The Bachelor” with Ashley Hebert and Emily Maynard. She and Ashley gave Emily their advice. It was fun to see the Bachelorettes have a girl’s day. In the beginning of Bachelor 16 Episode 10, we saw Ali on the “The Bachelor” reunion. With all of this excitement, I wanted to catch up with Ali. 

She is a sweetheart, and I’m happy she gave me the opportunity to interview her. 

1. Hi Ali, I love reading your blog for Ladies Home Journal, and saw you were in the moving process. How is life going for you? 
Life is great. I'm happy, healthy, and have wonderful people in my life. I can't really ask for more :) 

2. You have a great sense of style! Where are your favorite places to shop?
I love Express because they have great colors. I love color and I get frustrated when I go to a store and all their clothes are black, gray, or beige. Color blocking is my absolute favorite trend! 

Ali looking adorable in yellow on vacation.
Photo: Ali's Twitter

3. What is your go-to outfit?
Converse, Jeans, and a t shirt. I'm easy.

4. Out of all contestants from the series, whose closet would you like to raid? 
Emily Maynard. She always looks so cute! Can't wait to see all of her cute outfits on the upcoming season. 

Ali having a great time with the Bachelorettes.
Photo: ABC

5. This season is so dramatic. Which contestant do you relate with the most?
I probably relate most to Kacie and Emily. I feel like my experience on the show is similar to what they went through. 

6. The Bachelor is about love, but also about making friends. Who would you consider your closest friends from the series? 
Kathryn Sherlock and Valishia Savage for sure. They will be my friends for life. 

Valishia Savage with Ali.
Photo: Ali's Facebook

Ali with Bachelorettes, Trista Sutter, Ashley Hebert,
 and friend 
from Jake's season,  Kathryn Sherlock.
Photo: Ali's Twitter

7. How excited are you about Emily's season? Do you have any advice for future contestants? 
I am super excited. Emily is a doll and I know she will be great. I just really hope she finds someone because I know she is putting her whole heart into this.

Ashley Hebert, Emily Maynard and Ali Fedotowsky
Photo: Ali's Twitter

8. You have a lot of devoted fans, including me. How does it feel to have such a strong fan base? 
I feel incredibly blessed. I wake up every morning thankful for each and every person who has supported me through this crazy journey. Can I give a quick shout out to a few that have been especially awesome? Shout out to Donna, Linda, Anna, Melissa, Glynis, Mirla, and Sherry! Hope I didn't forget anyone :) 

9. What are your aspirations for the future? 
I just want to make a difference in this world. How? I'm not sure. I've been incredibly blessed to do things in my life that have touched other people’s lives in some way. First, I worked at Facebook and impacted people’s lives on a daily basis through my work there. Then I got to be the Bachelorette and have millions of people watch as I searched for love. It touches my heart every time I get a message from a fan telling me that I had a positive impact on their life in some way. Whatever I end up doing next, I want it to be something that allows me to continue to impact so many people’s lives. 

Photo: Ali's Facebook

You can keep up with Ali on social media and through her blog. I have included the links. Twitter: @alifedotowsky

Like her: 

Bachelor blog: She gives you her real life perspective of “reality.” 

Her personal website, is coming soon! A major thank you to Ali for doing this interview. I can’t wait to see what is up next for you. 


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