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Interview with Dana Weiss: "The Possessionista"

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     Dana Weiss is “the Possessionista.”  She is quite possibly the funniest person ever.  Dana and I share love for “The Bachelor,” Lifetime movies and fashion.  Her blog has the perfect balance of humor, TV shows and fashion. She finds and replicates the celebrity styles you must have. 
     Dana’s sense of humor and quick wit make her blog one of a kind. Her blog posts are so entertaining it wards off my ADD tendencies. She is the Twitter Queen, whether it is “The Bachelor” or award show live-tweeting, you will be laughing out loud. 
     Lately, we have been able to see Dana on "The Bachelor After Show." I still think she needs a regular talk show. Make sure to watch the After Show and share it with your friends. I definitely want it to be a regular thing for “The Bachelorette.” Dana talking about Emily Maynard and her clothes is the equivalent of Bachelor Heaven. 
Dana answered questions about “The Bachelor” and other random things I like. 
1. "Possessionista" is a unique and brilliant brand. How did you come up with the idea?
I really came up with it out of necessity. I was always wondering where people got the clothes on TV and I started jotting them down. I honestly  never intended for anyone but a few friends to see the blog.
2. You find the clothes everyone wants from their favorite shows and celebrities. What are your favorite shows (besides the Bachelor)?
I love Pretty Little Liars and 90210 for style. And I love Parenthood because the clothes are wearable. Gossip Girl is great for inspiration, but who could actually wear anything on that show.
3. Everyone loves a good train wreck. Who is your favorite celebrity train wreck? 
I'm team Lindsanity all the way. I love Lindsay Lohan and no one wants to see her come back more than I.
4. Out of all of the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, which one do you love the most? 
That's like asking me to choose between my children.
5. If you could raid any Bachelor contestants closet who would it be? 
Gia Allemand. She has amazing pieces that would go for a fortune on eBay.
6. You are in Emily Maynard's house for three minutes, what outfit do you take? 
I head straight for the shoes and handbags. There's no way I could fit into any of Emily's clothes, anyway.
7. Jillian Harris won most fashionable on my blog. In your opinion, which Bachelorette has the best sense of style? 
What I love about Jillian is she has personal style. She dresses for her body and has a clear style. She dresses like herself, instead of like everybody else.
8. Which guy on either the Bachelor or Bachelorette wins best dressed? 
Chris Harrison. I have a massive crush on him.
9. Occasionally there are Bachelor contestants who need make-overs or make-unders. Who would you select? 
Jamie from this season of the Bachelor. Erica Rose. And Ben. I want to cut that hair and shave his face. Pronto.
10. Bachelor 16 had Casey S. whose outfits were always on par. After her, whose style caught your attention? 
Courtney. I hate to say it but she had some great clothing. A lot of people say, "oh she's a model" but not all models are innately stylish. Courtney had a great eye and was able to be sexy and girly at the same time. She never looked trashy. 
11. Will the Bachelor After Show be after every episode from now on (I hope so)? 
You and me both. If you like it, make sure to visit, watch it, share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages and tell ABC on their Website and Facebook page. I think it's a super fun show, and just keeps the Bachelor dialog going.
12. You tweet about Lifetime movies. Sometimes the marathons kind draw me in and consume my day. Which movie do you like the best? 
I loved Secret Cutting. And the Stalking of Lori Show. Also I've never passed up an opportunity to watch "Mother May I Sleep with Danger." Oh, and I’m a total DanceMoms addict. Not a movie, but it's on Lifetime, so I assume it counts?
13. If you could have any person's wardrobe alive or dead, whose would you want? 
I don't know. Sarah Jessica Parker? Rachel Zoe? Blake Lively? Honestly. I'd rather just take their paychecks and build my own wardrobe.
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Thanks to Dana for doing this interview, she is my blog idol. I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Be prepared for Dana's coverage of Emily's season, it is going to be amazing! 


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