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Shawntel Newton: The Fabulous Embalmer, Funeral Director and Published Author

     In July I started this blog, “The Bachelor Expert.” The first contestant to write me back was Shawntel Newton. Her kindness is so endearing. She also happened to be my first interview. In life there are inspiring people who help you get to the next step, Shawntel is one of those people. 
     She received an amazing shopping spree in Las Vegas on Bachelor 15. I’ll never forget when she had Brad get on the embalming table, during her hometown date. The great thing about Shawntel is the many dimensions, she shows about herself. Before seeing her on the Bachelor, I did not picture a funeral director to be so outgoing and cheerful. 
Shawntel and Brad on her Bachelor 15 hometown date.
Source: ABC
     She breaks the mold and shows that there is a lot more to the funeral process. She counsels families when they are in such need for it. To give insight on her life, she wrote a book, “The Final Rose.” The name shockingly enough, did not come from the Bachelor. 
     Bachelor viewers had the opportunity to see Shawntel back on TV during Bachelor 16. Even though her return did not turn out the way everyone thought, it was nice to see her back on TV. Her calm personality was refreshing to see among the madness. The women were not very kind, but there were some accepting moments, we didn’t get to see. 
Shawntel at "The Women Tell All."
Source: ABC
     Shawntel is a funeral director, embalmer, published author and so much more. I have been lucky enough to get to know Shawntel over the months. I found out her thoughts on Emily Maynard as “The Bachelorette,” her love life, and if she has any regrets. 
        1. A lot has happened since our first interview in August. How is life going for 
Life is going great for me right now! I am getting ready to succeed my dad here at the funeral home and I am actually taking a couple of classes to further my degree. I love being here in Chico and I am excited to one day start my own family here. 
2. Your book "Final Rose" is out. What fan response have you received since the release?
Yes, my book is finally out! It’s been so exciting for me to hear daily from fans how much they are enjoying the book. I have been hearing from many that they have literally laughed out loud and cried. The book is really like a personal diary. 
Photo courtesy of Shawntel.

3. How did you decide on the "Final Rose" as the title?
It’s a very ironic title. But I really wanted to symbolize the final goodbye at a funeral. It’s like when someone places that final rose on the casket at the cemetery. Annnnnd I will say that I knew the title of my book would catch people’s attention ;)

4. I was extremely happy to see you on The Bachelor, regardless of the result. Do you have any regrets doing the show again?
 I have NO regrets doing the show again. I am glad I took the risk for a second time. If I didn’t I would have always wondered with Ben. But now I don’t have to. 
Shawntel's return.
Source: ABC
5. It made me mad to see how the women treated you. I saw a deleted scene of you and Blakeley. She appeared to be more welcoming than the others. Were there any other women who attempted to be nice? 
Yes, Blakeley made a huge effort to talk with me privately and let me know how she respected me for being there. Emily was also very sweet to me and made me feel very comfortable.

6. After watching this season, are you glad Ben sent you home when he did? 
I am SO glad Ben sent me home when he did. After watching the show and seeing the way the girls were acting towards each other I felt like I totally dodged a bullet. Also, Ben didn’t put up a fight for me, so that right there made me realize that he’s not the man for me. 
7. There has been so much support from fans and fellow contestants. Emily Maynard sent out a really kind tweet about you. "I'll be the first to say that @Shawntel_Newton is one of the sweetest, kindest, most fun girls I know and anyone would be lucky to have her!" How does it feel to be so supported throughout both Bachelor processes?
I am so blessed to have this much support from friends, family and fans. It really made the process much better for me because of those relationships. 
I have boot envy for the Newton sisters.
Source: Shawntel's Facebook
8. How excited are you that Emily is the next Bachelorette? 
I am so excited for Emily to be the next bachelorette. She is such an amazing, strong and confident woman. Any man would be lucky to have her. I am definitely going to watch her season and cheer her on!!

9. What type of man does Emily need? 
Oh I think Emily needs a man who is able to make her laugh and someone who is going to be there for not only her, but also for her daughter.

10. Speaking of men, have you found anyone? If not, what type of guy are you looking for?
I have been dating. There may be a certain someone too . I am learning to not rush things, especially within a relationship. So I am taking thing slow and easy and we’ll see where things go! 
11. You are a funeral director, embalmer and now a published author. What is up next for you?
It’s very exciting for me to now be able to say that I am an author. I really enjoyed the process and I won’t be surprised if I write another book someday. I actually just had my first local book signing last night (March 7, 2012) and it was a great turnout. I’d say about 100 people attended. I was overjoyed and honored. 
Shawntel at her book signing.
Source: Shawntel's Facebook
As far as what’s next for me…well I am getting a little golden retriever puppy in a couple weeks! So I am going to be a mommy ;) I have wanted a dog so badly and finally I am in a time in my life where I feel like I am ready for that kind of responsibility. So we will see how that goes. I have been giving a lot of funeral related talks around the US which has been fun. My next trip is going to be in South Dakota in May. Things are definitely lookin’ up!!!
Thanks to Shawntel for the interview! Don’t forget to go check out her book here, You can also keep up with her on social media:
Twitter: @Shawntel_Newton
I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Who is ready for the finale? Who just wants Emily’s season to start? 

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