Monday, April 16, 2012

The Bachelor: Interview With Jaclyn Swartz

Jaclyn Swartz is the Queen of one-liners. “On a scale of 1-10,” I can’t tell you how happy I am to have an interview with Jaclyn. Unfortunately, we did not see enough of her on The Bachelor. I would have liked to hear her commentary of each episode. One of my favorite things about Jaclyn is, she totally owns everything she says.  
When she had screen time, it wasn’t wasted, unlike the some of the women. With lines such as “On a scale of 1-10, I'm gonna throw up,” and “dumpster trash,” her comedic value was ranked high on the show.

Jaclyn with Kacie and Jenna.
Photo Source: Jaclyn's Facebook

Jaclyn may call her exit a train wreck, but she surprisingly got lucky, and not in the Puerto Rico way. If I was sent home on The Bachelor, I would want it to be on the most dramatic night. Shawntel’s return and Erika passing out, gave Jaclyn the opportunity to escape the wreckage unscathed.
Thankfully, Twitter gave me the chance to unite with Jaclyn, her amaze bangs and hilarious one-liners. I hope contestants find love on The Bachelor, but when that fails, I hope they find me on Twitter. When Jaclyn followed me on Twitter, I felt as if I received the first impression rose. I want her to be on The Bachelor Pad 3, along with Erica Rose. Can you imagine how funny the show would be?  

Jaclyn agreed to do an interview with me, preventing you and me from feeling like “dumpster trash.”  

1. Jaclyn, you are hysterical and unforgettable. What is one memory from The Bachelor you will never forget? Why, danke! There are so many amazing memories I took home with me...skiing in San Francisco is up there! It was my first time skiing, and I was definitely bleeding by the end of it (hot black pavement peeking through the snow as the heat melted it away!). best memory BY FAR was going to the gym with Jennifer...we didn't err work out, we just got away from the cameras, rode the bikes so we could watch TV (heaven!!) and chat off camera...a clear liquid filled our water bottles...but uhhh, yea, it was water... Needless to say, we burned a collective 22 calories that gym trip. SUCCESS!

Jaclyn wearing Casey's famous romper.
Photo Source: Jaclyn's Facebook

2. You said a lot of hilarious one-liners, what was your favorite?
I loved 'em all! Seriously, I crack myself up. The "on a scale of 1-10, I'm gonna throw up" definitely got the most attention...but I'm always for the more discrete lines..."Scram Bitch" "Blakeley is Fakely" and then I said something about being attracted to a sheep in a disheveled princess costume. The delivery there was too good to be true.  
3. Besides yourself, who had the best one-liners?
Toughie! Jennifer's lines are up there. We are always on the same page so I appreciate her bitchy comments (Yes, sweetheart red head Jennifer has it in her!) Casey S. says things that are hyyyysterical, without necessarily intending for them to be :) and of course Witt-ily O'Brien. 
4. You seemed neutral among the women (haha.) Which contestants are you closest friends with? 
Bahahaha that statement makes me laugh, I must be a good actress! We have such a great group of girls and are, for the most part, very close. I speak to Jennifer, Casey, Samantha, Elyse and Emily most frequently. Jenna and Rachel are my NYC gals and we are attached at the hip...but I also keep in touch with Kacie, Lindzi, Nicki, Monica, I'm out of breath... 

Jaclyn with Rachel, Elyse and Casey.
Photo Source: Jaclyn's Facebook

5. Did you watch The Bachelor before going on the show?
Absolutely. (Ew, I am so not at a rose ceremony right now). I love the show, it's such a guilty pleasure of mine...such a great show to watch with friends and lots and lots of wine. My bachelor drinking games should be published. Basically, you drink every time something happens. But seriously, it was fun to add in little insider rules this go "Every time Courtney says 'winning'" or "Every time Ben is in a man tank".......the list goes on and on and on...... 
6. What made you decide to go on the show? 
I was out to dinner with a group of girl friends on a Tuesday night. We were recapping Brad's episode from the night before...and then the conversation turned to me (surprise) and my friends were like you HAVE to do it, you would be so great on it...bla bla bla...I don't remember the rest...or applying really :) I did it on a whim, and heard from them 2 days later...   
7. You live in NYC, the fashion capital, what are your favorite stores? I will spare you and limit this to my top TOP faves...Intermix, Reiss, Rag and Bone, Wink, Monmartre, Brandy Melville.   
8. What beauty products do you love? 
I  love all NARS face products and make up. Their moisturizer and gel toner makes your skin feel so smooth! I am a big fan of their lipstick called "scarlet empress" -- it is a deep burgundy its not too obnoxious. Frederic Fekkai Beach waves spray, Moroccan Hair Oil (makes your hair smell sooo yummy).  
9. What is one thing people would never guess about you?
I have a New England Patriots debit card. I was told to "grow up" like 3x, last week alone...its embarrassing but I love my Patriots!

Jaclyn with Jennifer and Emily.
Photo Source: Jaclyn's Facebook

I had Jaclyn do Bachelor word association.

Ben: HAIR  
Courtney: HAIR TOUCHER  
The Bachelor Pad: SEXXXY  
Alcohol: IC  
The Bachelor: ROLLER COASTER  

Thanks to Jaclyn for doing the interview. My interview with Elyse will be up on Friday. We are only four Mondays away for Emily's Bachelorette season. 


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