Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bachelor: Interview With Shawna Reynolds

Shawna Reynolds, financial advisor and fabulous single mom from Bachelor 16, gives us her insight on her Bachelor experience. We did not get to see a lot of Shawna, she was sent home during the second episode, escaping most of the crazy drama. Her calm composure in her exit summed up her laid back personality. 
I wanted to find out more about Shawna. She gives the Bachelor Expert the details on friendships, favorite moments and what she has been up to since The Bachelor. 

The Bachelor ladies at a charity event.
Source: Samantha Levey's Twitter

How has life been since The Bachelor?  Life since The Bachelor has been fun. It was a really unique (brief) experience for me. I think everyone goes through a little PPB (Postpartum Bachelor) regardless of how far you make it. It is a real process emotionally and logistically to prepare to be a potential cast member. A day in Bachelor time can seem like months. When you get home at first you're a little down and unsure of what to do with yourself. No one can really understand the emotional side to participating unless they have been through it themselves. I was fortunate enough to be able to get back to work and my son, resuming "normal" life at least until the show aired. Since I got the boot, I have just been having fun with Gavin, meeting new people, chatting on radio shows, interviews,  and reunions with my 16 girls.     What is your favorite moment from The Bachelor? I had never watched The Bachelor before I was asked to be on it so I really only know Season 16. My favorite moment from filming was the ride up to Sonoma. We were all still getting to know one another and Lindz, Kacie B, Sam, Jenna and myself partied coining ourselves "the wolf pack". It was nice for the first time to not feel like it was every co co in the nut nut for themselves and to have a good drama free time. I don't think I have one favorite moment from this bat crazy season...I laughed through most of it.
Shawna, Rachel and a girl preparing for the play.
Source: ABC

The Bachelor is about love, but also friendships. Who would you consider your closest friends from the show?  I went on the show for the experience and hoping to meet a cool guy. I think both were a success. I know some of my close friends felt love and I am really happy for them. For me, this environment and dynamic was not conducive for falling in love. I think from what I know of Ben he is a great guy and I'd love to grab a beer with he and Courtney anytime they stop through AZ. Friendships were definitely the best thing that came from this experience for me. There are several of us that keep in close touch and become closer and closer as we visit one another for events and reunions. Kacie B has probably been my closes friend from the beginning but I really love almost all of the girls. 
Which contestant did you think was best for Ben? Without spending a ton of time with Ben I really thought Emily was the best fit. 

Ben with Emily
Source: ABC

Would you ever consider doing The Bachelor Pad? I think I got my Bachelor fix for now. As a mother and a professional, choosing to do this was not an easy choice. I'm not a very emotional person and I do not enjoy senseless conflict or drama so I do not think I would be the best choice for The Bachelor Pad entertainment. I am an incredibly competitive person however and would definitely consider The Apprentice or Amazing Race.

Will you be watching Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette? 
  I had to DVR most of my own season however I will support Emily in her season as much as my busy schedule permits. I know as a single mother what her life looks like on a daily basis and it would truly be a victory for all of us hopefuls to see her find love and happiness. 
You have said your son watched his cameo on The Bachelor, what did he think of you being on TV?  I felt very thankful for the piece that ABC did on Gavin and I. He was a rock star at preschool and it was really cute to watch him bashfully accept attention. I am very fortunate to have a great support system with his father and our families so everyone enjoyed the experience.  

Gavin watching The Bachelor.
Source: Shawna's Twitter
What are your must haves in a significant other?  My must haves in a significant other is friendship, trust, laughter and intelligence. I want to grow old with my best friend, sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs, drinking beer, laughing at all our mistakes in life. I also need to be challenged and stimulated intellectually or I will get bored very easily.  Where are your favorite places to shop? I am a true free spirit hippy at heart who could live off the land and make my own clothes but I am forced to wear a suit everyday of the work week. I have my own "special" fashion sense I like to think and love things that don't match or no one else wants to wear. However when I go to events or need to hang with the other fashionistas that have it all figured out...I call my stylist at Nordstrom.  You are a mother, are a financial advisor, what is your next goal? My next goal in addition to making love, a relationship and family a priority is to start a Non Profit for single parents. The ultimate compensation in life is the feeling you get when you have changed someone else's life. I love my career because I get to do that everyday with finances however my personal mission is leave this place better than I found it and I know from experience there is plenty of works to be done for single parents. 
Thanks to Shawna for the interview. She is a fabulous person and I am glad to have gotten to know her better. Stay tuned, I have another Bachelor post for you on Thursday.



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