Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Bachelor Pad: Newbie Casting Videos

   The Bachelor Pad is now allowing newbies on the show. At first, I was not very found of the idea, but then I watched the videos. I have included short notes on each of the people vying to be a Bachelor Pad newbie. Some are good looking, funny and some are down right competitive.
   The perfect contestants will be all of these things. It is The Bachelor Pad and I do not want someone who just wants love, unless it is with a certain contestant. I want shenanigans. Everyone needs to go vote who they want, on here..
   Here are my top three picks of who should be on the show. Then I have a summary of each of the casting videos, so you can make your own assumptions. 
Top three women: 
Paige: Controls a jumbotron, loves The Bachelor and watched Jake’s how-to video. She wore a swimsuit, she is loves shenanigans and has an awesome cat. Witty, sarcastic and would be great for the show. I kind of love her and have voted for her. 
Alexandra: A Mississippi girl, getting ready to graduate with a public relations degree, watched all of the shows. She loves how The Bachelor Pad is unedited, and wants more Southern girls on the show. Wants to find love with William Holman. 
Nicole H: Has “Michelle curls,” from California and wants to win the money. “Great schmoozer, hasn’t had a boyfriend in over four years, funny.” Wants to meet Roberto.
Top three men: 
Mark A: From Charlotte, has been a fan for a long time. “I’m dangerously handsome, witty, clever...” Wants the opportunity to find love and win money. He is nothing short of confident. I think the women might fall for this guy.
Scott A: Paramedic and firefighter from Florida. Always played sports, very competitive and tried out for The Bachelorette for the chance to be on The Bachelor Pad. Good looking.  “Likable, has a good strategy, genuine guy.” Wants to meet Kacie B.
Alan J: Talks about romance, speaks four languages, shows pictures of his body. He is “very active, has a positive attitude, lives a healthy lifestyle.” I think the ladies will drool over this guy and could be pals with the guys.
Brian M: Never going to do a gay season, this is his only chance. Going for money. May be able to turn some guys gay. Can get girls to trust him and guys won’t be threatened. Commentates the show with his sister. 
Sherod B: 4.0, triple threat, Canadian. Ready to back stab and mischievous. Wants to break up alliances. Wants to meet people and have fun. 
KyTrell M: All he did was the cinnamon challenge. 
Colordo M: Watched this entire season, chose Courtney for Ben. He said “winning,” and choose me, “I were you, I would.”
Matt G: “Only had sex once in his life,” cusses A LOT, “can hang out with the bros and the hot chicks” He “can handle it.” 
Spencer C: He likes the show because it represents what he is “a Bachelor,” likes money, wants to swindle his way to the top. He wants to meet good guys, what about the women? “I’m basically a stud, the best there is.” 
Brian Ma: Talks about storylines, characters and setting. What is the conflict? Talks about the plot and making it to the complex. This video honestly confused me and lost me early on. 
Melissa D: In very little clothing, looking for the money (to pay for college fund and to help her parents pay for their house). “Is in love with love.” She loves Courtney Robertson, and compares herself to her. 
Jaclyn S: Teachers and loves all of the shows. Loves the drama and people falling in love. Wants to bring down the bachelors and bachelorettes. She is single and wants to fall in love (never been in love). 
Ania: Midwest girl, wants to win money and fall in love. She is sick of being with the wrong guys, sick of being screwed over and would not take this for granted. She is very pretty but would be better for The Bachelor in a few years.
Rochelle A: Single mom, working very hard to help her daughter and looking for a father figure. Props to her for being a great mom. She thinks the majority of people find their soulmate, has she been watching The Bachelor?  
Megan K: Texan, loves sports and active in church. Small town and wants a chance. This would be her dream come true. 
Lisa H: “Small and petite, huge flirt and does not belong in Utah County.” Wants out of Utah and said, “it would be a mistake not to put me on the show. 
Heather H: California girl, looking for love and was in a five year relationship. Looking to meet different people and personalities. She didn’t say anything about the money. 
Kara: From Tampa, competitive, loyal and stands up for what she believes in. Not sure where she is in her life. Wants the money to help her figure out what she wants to do with their life. Has had two longterm relationships and hopes The Bachelor Pad helps her start her fairytale. 
Kirsten B: She is engaged, go-getter, she “go, go, goes.” She wants to beat everyone.
Jennifer B: Wears curlers, rides a bike and is always packed to go somewhere. Reads magazines, books and watches smut television. Not domestic and does not like to cook.  She is a volunteer.
Jourdan H: Texan, very competitive, loves the shows. “Have been loyal throughout both of the shows, and would get along with the contestants.”
Rhona L: British, watches all of the shows, wants money and love. “Will go after the man she wants and the money.” 
Shannon B: Starts out with a blindfold, gives reasons why she should be on The Bachelor Pad: smart, happy, adaptable, nice, naughty and ordained. 
McKenzie S: Pretty, sweet, models on the side and is a “guy’s girl.” Her brother died at a young age and wants to live life to the fullest. She would be much better for The Bachelor.
Jessica M: Gives reasons why she should be on the show, “dashing smile, banging beach body, athletic ability, should be funny or a moron.” Can be a moron after some Tequila. “Sorry about the white walls, I am poor.”

I watched every video, so all of you wouldn't have to. Do you have favorites? What are your thoughts on newbies? 


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