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The Bachelor: Interview with Casey Shteamer

Photo Source: ABC

    Casey Shteamer may have not stole Ben Flanijk’s heart, but she is loved by fashionistas everywhere. Unfortunately, we did not get to see a lot of Casey. She was an ally to Courtney Robertson. Her clothes and kindness definitely put her in the saint category. 
     I love Casey’s unique style, she wears things that most people can’t pull off. I kept wondering what will she wear next? The Bachelor previews may have hinted at a girl having a boyfriend, Casey was just having a fashion affair, with the lovely Dana Weiss. 
     Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Casey even looks pretty while crying. She had quite the dramatic departure courteous of Mr. Flajnik. She rocked that denim romper, tears and all. 
1. Bachelor fans absolutely love your clothes. What three words describe your style best? 
2. What was your favorite outfit you wore on the show? 
     My favorite outfit was on the group date in Panama.  I wore a simple black romper with a gold thin braided belt, thigh-high stockings and purple open toe high-heeled stilettos so you could see the stockings through the shoes.  There was not a very clear shot of it though!  Other people might hate it, but I kind of love that aspect of a look. I also really loved the pop pink structured Naven dress I wore to the San Francisco rose ceremony. 
3. You rocked that denim romper on your departure. You made crying in rompers fashionable. I'm surprised there hasn't been a crying in romper epidemic. Have you been able to wear it since?
     Aw thank you! I haven't worn it since, although, I definitely will.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  I love wearing it with the sequined bodysuit that I wore to the WTA underneath when I go out paired with heels.  I love the mix of the casual romper against the dressiness of the sequined bodysuit and heels. 

     One of my favorite ways of dressing is putting together pieces that wouldn't normally go together, like sequins with aztec print, or a casual t-shirt with a dressy skirt.  It can look awesome and totally unique.  However, just because I like what I'm wearing doesn't mean other people always do.  My friends are always giving me a hard time! But if I like it, I wear it. It's just fashion, it shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun. 
4. What stores do you shop at? 
     I love standard places like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and, and also lesser known  Stone Cold Fox, Winter Kate, and Rag & Bone have amazing pieces.  I also love going shopping in my parents (mom AND dad's) closets for cool vintage finds.  They still have some great stuff from the 80's. Who knew?  It's really not about what you are wearing, but how you are wearing it. 

Casey on the first night.
Photo Source: ABC
5. Was there one outfit you wish you would have had the chance to wear on the show? 
     On the show I didn't have pre-planned outfits, so there was nothing that I was waiting to wear.  I came up with date outfits once they told us (in a very vague way) how to dress for the date.  There is one pair of bright red disco pants that I love that would have been great.  I don't know what I would have chosen to pair them with.  Oh, and this cool flower handband I wanted to wear on a park style date but never got the chance. 
6. Your hair never seemed phased by any weather conditions. What hair and beauty products are your favorite? 
     Oh Lord, I think you are asking the wrong girl. I am horrible at doing my hair...and make-up for that matter.  I usually just let my hair air-dry.  It dries naturally wavy on its own, and I usually just go with it. I don't use any product besides shampoo and conditioner. For that, I love Alterna: The Science of 10. 
     My one tip would be just commit to whatever you are working with.  My hair never looks perfect, but I love imperfection in a look. In my opinion, it makes it much more personal. 
7. In your opinion, who had the best style out of all of the contestants?
     I think so may of the girls had great style, but I really loved Jenna, Jaclyn, Samantha, and Courtney's. Is that too many?
8. Which contestants do you remain close with? 
     I'm close with most of the girls.  I talk with Jaclyn, Samantha, Courtney, Jamie, Blakeley, Elyse, Rachel, Jenna, Jennifer, and Emily.  I get to see Monica, Kacie B, and Shawn this weekend.  Very excited about that.   Samantha and Courtney both live in LA so I see both of them frequently.    
Erica Rose, Monica, Kacie, Casey, Shawna, Samantha and Jillian.
Photo Source: Samantha Levey's Twitter

9. Would you ever consider doing The Bachelor Pad? 
Right now, no. 

10. Was there anything you wish viewers could have learned about you? Or something they would never guess about you?
     I didn't have any preconceived ideas about how I wanted to be portrayed before leaving for the show, and it isn't something I have given a lot of thought since either.  Something people may not guess about me?  I'm pretty adventurous.  Two years ago I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. I ended up running around, by myself at times, in places like Indonesia and Malaysia.  I didn't have a plan, and just went from country to country for about 4 months.  I learned so much about myself and the world from that experience. 
11. What have you been up to since The Bachelor? 
     Since The Bachelor, life has gone back to normal, except now I have some additional great friends in tow.  I had plans to move to LA in October but after I found out about the show, I had to postpone the move, since that was during filming. 

     So when I got back, I moved from Chicago to West Hollywood.  I love it here, learning about a new city.  Exploring is one of my favorite pastimes.  Also, I've got a backpacking trip to the Amazon planned for May.  Things aren't too bad :)

If you want to know the specifics on Casey's clothes, Dana Weiss has them identified on her site,

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I hope my Bachelor 16 interviews help with your Bachelor withdrawals. Emily Maynard's season starts on May 14th. 


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