Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Reasons Emily Maynard's Bachelorette Season Will Be Fabulous

There are a lot of reasons why Emily Maynard's season will be fabulous. I have included my top five reasons why this may be the best season yet.

Emily Maynard
Photo Source ABC

1. Emily:

     Emily has been a fan favorite since Bachelor 16. She is sweet, fashionable and Brad could not take his eyes off her. When she and Brad broke up, America was sad she did not get her happy ending. The Bachelor 16: Breakup Special, was extremely sad to watch. Bachelor fans wanted Emily to find love.

     ABC announced Emily as The Bachelorette 8 during Ben's season. This was the earliest release of the next lead. The men knew who The Bachelorette was when they applied, which is good.

2. The men know she is The Bachelorette. 

     Since the men know who The Bachelorette is, there should be no Bentley mishaps. They know Emily has a child, so that should not be a surprise. Similar to fans, these men are already invested in her.

3. Emily's fashion

      Emily's clothes and shoes take fashion to the next level. Fans loved everything she wore on Brad's season. She has the perfect balance of low and high-end pieces. If I could have anything it would definitely be her shoe collection. If you want to know where Emily gets her clothes, has the scoop.

Another promo photo of Emily.
Photo Source: ABC

4. She is a mother

     The Bachelor series has its fair share of shenanigans. There have been guys with girlfriends, people with ulterior motives and more. Whether those situations occur on Emily's season, is yet to be determined. Since she is a mother and takes that role very seriously, I do not see her putting up with antics. She will take on those situations with sass and class.

Emily with her daughter Ricki.
Photo Source: Emily Maynard's Twitter

5. Change of Scenery

     The Bachelorette 8 began filming in Charlotte, NC. Emily getting the opportunity to film in her home city adds a refreshing aspect to the show. One of these men might have to move to Charlotte therefore; they should see if they fit in her environment. Emily has to find someone who is great for her, Ricki and their lives.

     The Bachelorette starts one month from tomorrow. I can't wait to blog and tweet about this season. I am staying far away from spoilers,  please don't spill the details.


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