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The Bachelor: Interview With Jenna Burke

Jenna looks fabulous!
Source: Jenna's Facebook

     Some believe in love at first sight, I believe in love at first one-liner. Jenna Burke was only on two episodes, but quality beats quantity on The Bachelor. Jenna had me at “Maybe we can share a tampon sometime.” I am sure she is tired of hearing that line, but since we are now friends, I think she will forgive me. 
     Anyone who has watched The Bachelor for a few seasons knew Jenna was not crazy. Alcohol, drama and being away from family and friends, did not help the situation. The Bachelor is a show fans get to watch, but it is easy to watch it from the couch. As much as I joke about the contestants, I love and respect them so much. 
     Jenna owns her meltdown and behavior, which is the best thing any contestant can do. Plus, the episode after she left was one of the most dramatic of the season, Shawntel’s return. Then later on, Jamie got “fancy” and people totally forgot about the breakdown. We briefly saw Jenna on the Women Tell All, even though she looked fabulous. 
     I have had a lot of luck with this blog, but becoming friends with Jenna is at the top of the list. I have talked to her on the phone and internet and feel like we have known each other our whole lives. She is seriously the most laid-back, cool person you will ever talk to. 
     I am a fashion contributor for her blog, It is a lot of fun and I love the site. If you don’t have a daily read, you should definitely check it out. Jenna is the complete opposite of her edit, but I love Bachelor Jenna and real-life Jenna, equally. 
Fun fact: she gave Courtney a hug at the Women Tell All, we just didn’t get to see it. 
1. Jenna, what was your favorite part of doing The Bachelor?
What's hysterical to me is that many viewers think I'm still crying in the bathroom.  Truth be told, I came out of this experience in pretty much shock.  But as a couple months went by, I realized why everything happened the way it did.  To be honest, I am pleased to provide entertainment to Bachelor fans.  But what's more important to me is what happened behind the camera and what I learned coming off the show.  This show is about reflection and like what Chris Harrison always says, "human behavior."  
We all have baggage but mine was just very fresh when going on the show.  I'm talking Casey S. style baggage.  We've had a great chat about this and have both learned that we are too great of people to settle for something we really don't want for our future.  It definitely didn't happen immediately but there was a moment when it finally hit me - the show was actually one big therapy session that changed my life. 
 During my short time of reflection, I realized I was not living the life I wanted to.  I changed my career, I moved back to New York, I got over my ex and I made incredible friends.  And the most important lesson learned was that I really got to know myself and really what I want in life.  Yeah, just 4 days had this effect on me.  There's something about leaving your comfort zone - leaving your family, friends, job, phone, email, etc.  It was a beautiful time for me no matter how I appeared on tv.  I'm beyond thrilled I chose to partake in the whole experience.  No one really knows or understands but that's why it's so special to me.  

2. What made you apply for The Bachelor?
Oh man, I solely blame one of my best friends, Megan Overbey!  That girl can sway anyone to do anything.  I have always been a huge fan of the show.  Me and my girlfriends would always have dinners/wine on Monday nights for the sole purpose of The Bachelor.  A few of them (the ones who were happily not single) said I would be so great on this show.  
I do believe I am somewhat of a character.  I don't know if it's because I'm gullible, over passionate or animated with my facial expressions.  Regardless, somehow I ended up at a New York City casting call and it all went downhill from there. 

3. The Bachelor includes a lot of friendships, who would you consider your closest friends from the show?
This might be the hardest question EVER.  Although I was only on 2 episodes, I developed memorable relationships.  I still remember the girls in my limo - Rachel, Elyse, Jennifer and Casey S.  We had such a great time in that ride to the mansion but as soon as we pulled up and we saw Ben, my god, I flipped - hence why I messed up my intro line.  I became extremely close with Lindzi.  We were pretty much joint at the hip the first few nights.  I roomed with Kacie B. and Rachel in Sonoma and just adore them.  

Jenna and fellow Bachelor 16 contestants.
Source: Jenna's Facebook

I think you can say you really like someone when your roommate comes home after the first one-on-one date (Kacie B.) and you are ecstatic for her, asking question after question - as if she went on a date with a guy you aren't going to date in the future.  At the end of the day, since I spent so much time with the girls and like 10 seconds with Ben, I cared more about the friendships.  Red flag.  Whatever.  I love all my girls - Rachel, Jaclyn, Kacie B., Lindzi, Casey S., Samantha, Blakeley, Jennifer, Emily, Elyse, Nicki and OF COURSE Monica!  And even Courtney.

Jenna and Kacie
Source: Jenna's Facebook

4. I loved your style on The Bachelor. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Oh why thank you.  Well I only displayed about 3 outfits but I have many friends in fashion so they lent me a few dresses.  My first dress was from J. Crew, believe it or not.  It was one of my favorite dresses which is why I chose it for the first night.  There's something about white sequins.  I knew it wouldn't be duplicated. 
Jenna in the amazing J. Crew dress.
Source: ABC

So regarding my fashion style, it's a great mix of classic pieces with edgy accessories or flair.  I can say whenever I put on an outfit, I always have this need to add some flair.  Where I shop?  All over.  I am a HUGE vintage shopper.  I mean huge.  There's nothing like getting a piece of clothing for an affordable price that really no one is wearing at the moment.  I like to be different.  I'm assuming that is why I like to add some kind of unique flair to any outfit.  
As far as stores, I regularly shop at Zara, Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21.  But when I decide to shop, I hit up Broadway in Soho and go in and out of every store.  You never know what's on sale or what piece of clothing you can't resist buying!

5. Who is your style icon? 
This is without a doubt, Gwyneth Paltrow.  I didn't even need to take a second to think about it.  First off, a good body can make any outfit look fabulous.  Check.  But her choice in clothing are impeccable.  Either she has a ridiculous stylist or she just has an impeccable eye.  Regardless, she always looks stunning.  Whether she's wearing a stunning, shift dress or just a tee and jeans, she always looks exuberantly stylish.  And beyond the surface, she really takes care of her body.  
At the end of the day, you are what you eat.  And I just really love how she keeps herself out of the party limelight and focuses on her family.  So not only is Gwyneth my style icon but she's my role model as well.

6. If you could take three things to an island what would they be?

Hm, this seems like Kacie B. and Ben's date but I'll play along with this.  To be honest, if I was ever stranded on an island, I would never have these 3 items because I don't think I would be given a heads up that my plane was going to crash.  This questions is always funny to me because it's not an actual realistic question.  But if I absolutely had to give an answer, I would say my mom, dad and my sis.

7. You are a writer and a blogger. How is everything going with your blog,

Things are going great!  When I got back from being eliminated, I dove deep into re-developing my blog.  And then I took some time off from blogging to re-strategize to come up with an actual plan.  I don't just post to post.  I really wanted to make each post meaningful and beneficial to each reader.  I have to say, the readership has grown tremendously and I couldn't be happier.
 I have brought on 4 contributors, all writing about different topics.  I'm on this site morning, noon and night.  It's my baby and it's something you can't just put off.  It touches and inspires people in a different way than any other fashion blog does.  If I could make this my main project, I would in a heartbeat.  Everyone is blogging these days so it's a challenge to make money.  But if you are passionate enough about what you do, you will succeed.  I have faith The Over-Analyst will only get better in time.  In the meantime, I'm doing multiple freelance projects with other online publications.

8. What do you over analyze the most in life? 
I mean I am a self proclaimed over-analyst - which means I over-analyze about everything.  You honestly do not want to be in my head for even one day.  I'm all over the place.  But in my defense, it's because I care so much about everything in my life - my family, my friends, my career, working out, cooking, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and the list goes on!  I make it work somehow but because I enjoy dissecting every part of my life, that is why I became a blogger.  For me blogging is like writing in my journal.  I'm just not a private person.  I'm not afraid to show people my weaknesses.  

9. You have worked at GQ Magazine and Lucky Magazine. What magazine do you read religiously?

To be very honest, I stopped subscribing to magazines.  The world is now online.  Occasionally, when I travel, I'll pick up a magazine.  But on any regular day, I am always on my laptop or my iPhone.  Don't worry, I'm talking to my shrink about all this (kidding).  But it comes with the industry and more importantly, what I love to do.  I love reading, learning, writing and sharing.  I would say my favorite online publications are: 

Who What Wear 

and many more...

10. What is one thing people would never guess about you? 

I'll live by my quote to Ben that "I'm not like a girl" - I love horror movies, I hate happy endings, I played softball in high school and I drink whiskey & beer. 

Keep up with Jenna and her blog through social media. 
Twitter: @TheOverAnalyst
Facebook: Like Jenna here
I am happy for my first Bachelor 16 interview to be with one of my new found Bachelor pals. Stay tuned for more interviews. My interview with Casey Shteamer will be up on Monday. 


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