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Lamar Hurd: Bachelor Interview

Lamar with Brooke.
Photo courtesy of Lamar.

Lamar Hurd, 28, a Houston, TX native, hopes to be ABC’s first black Bachelor. It doesn’t hurt he is charming and easy on the eyes. While the Bachelor was just beginning in 2002, Hurd was moving to Oregon to play basketball for Oregon State University. After graduation in 2006, Hurd moved to Europe to play professional basketball.
In 2007, he moved to Portland, Oregon and started coaching kids at a local basketball facility. The kids captured his heart and he decided he could not leave them. His love for kids is an important factor in his search for a significant other.
“The most fulfilling part of my life easily has been seeing them grow and mature into great kids...I can't even put the feeling into words,” Hurd said. 

Lamar and Jalen.
Photo courtesy of Lamar.

In 2008, he was part of the 4-man hiring committee that selected President Obama's brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, as the new Oregon State University basketball coach. That same year he began his television career with Fox Sports as a college basketball analyst, which he still does today.
“ I feel very blessed for everything in my life, and I'm thankful for it all,” Hurd said.
Hurd’s assistant, Tammie, first came up with the idea of him as “The Bachelor.” Hurd is laid-back and open to the process. He is the perfect mix of entertainment, but calm enough to not let drama consume the show. He is funny but serious about finding love.
A guy who loves kids, wants commitment, charismatic personality and is single. You know what that means, he should be the next Bachelor. This is my first interview with someone who hopes to be on the show. Following Ben’s season a lot of people were burned out on the predictability.
Lamar with Gaviola family at Street Jam.
Photo courtesy of Lamar.
There appears to be revamping within the series, starting with Emily Maynard’s season. It shows that ABC is dedicated to their fans and their wants. ABC should take a “leap of faith” and choose a new Bachelor to bring a fresh feel to the show, The Bachelor should be Lamar Hurd.
Unsure of your thoughts on a newbie becoming The Bachelor. I have asked Hurd numerous questions to see what his season would be like, if he was “The Bachelor.” Needless to say he would not send someone home mid-date, be open to everyone and would not base his opinion solely on first impression.

1. When did you decide you wanted to be The Bachelor?
-After the 2nd time that Tammie (my assistant) insisted I do it. The first time she brought it up, all I saw was the perception of drama and craziness that's associated with the show. But the second time she said something about it, I began to see it not only as an opportunity for me to potentially find the love of my life, but I also saw it as a way to show all of my kids how to date a woman. When I was young, my basketball coach taught me how to treat, respect, and date a woman. I figure I can do the same thing for my hundreds of kids!
2. Had you watched any of the seasons prior to your assistant saying you should be The Bachelor?
-Starting in 2009, I would watch all the time! That rhymed :) Ok ok for real... After Jake & Vienna's season, I didn't watch very much anymore, but not so much because I didn't like their season or anything like that; it's just because my youth organization was experiencing heavy growth.  That along with some other work-related things I had going on began to occupy the majority of my evenings, and I just fell out of my normal tv-watching routine.
3. If so, what is your favorite? 
-My favorite season may have been Brad Womack's.  I didn't see all of it - just bits and pieces.  But from what I saw, he just seemed to be a good, respectful, nice, guy - and I have a lot of appreciation for those kinds of guys because that's not the norm (when it comes to guys who have lots of options with women).  Of course I don't know Brad I could be all wrong about him haha.  But it's how he came across on tv, from the episodes I saw.  I think Jake's Pavelka's season had the most drama though! 

Brad Womack

4. Who is your favorite female contestant? Why? 
-I really liked Kacie B from Bachelor 16.  She seemed like the epitome of a southern belle: sweet, smart, loving, and kind.  To much of the television audience, her parents may have seemed a bit aggressive on her hometown date with Ben; however I totally understood where they were coming from with everything they said, and even how they said it.  The South is known to be a bit more conservative and to play things on the safer, more cautious side.  And that's fine for them to be that way, just as it's fine for someone else to decide to be looser and more liberal.  People just need to be understanding of one another; you don't have to be in agreeance, but at least be able to understand.  Empathy is a very important trait to me. 

Kacie B.

5. How would you be different from other bachelors? 
-I can't give you an accurate answer to this.  What we see from the Bachelors is whatever the producers decide to edit.  There is probably both some good and some bad that we never see, so who knows what they'd decide to edit with me!  I cannot tell you how I'd be different, but I can tell you how I'd be: I'd treat all of the girls with respect and I will genuinely be seeking to find the love of my life.  I believe very strongly in love and in marriage.  People always talk about how girls (as opposed to boys) look forward to their wedding from the time they're born, and I think I was in that same boat!  I've always looked forward to finding someone I can pour everything into and share my entire life with. 
6. Who were your top three from Ben's season? 
-Kacie B, tie between Monica & Rachel (I liked their temperament), and Emily O'Brien...loooved the rap :)
Kacie, Monica, Rachel and Emily.
7. You have two girls fighting over you (verbally), how do you respond?
-Sit back, listen, and only respond if asked to :)  If it gets to the point that I consider inappropriate or even potentially harmful, I will step in and quench the fire.
  8. You have a crier who cannot keep her composure, do you send her home or give her a chance?
-Definitely don't send her home just cause she's a crier!  That may be the way she deals with her emotions.  I'd just need to understand why she's crying.
Ashley H, Kacie and Tenley in tears.
9. Every woman on The Bachelor tells you there is someone "is not there for the right reasons." What do you do?
-I'll first determine what I feel is the credibility level of the specific women telling me that, and then I'll pay close attention to that situation and will deal with it accordingly. If EVERYONE is saying the same negative things about one person then that's definitely somewhat of a red flag.
  10. You are not into a woman, do you send her home mid-date? 
-Never.  As long as it's apparent she wants to continue the date, I'll give her the time that is allotted to our date.  However, at the end of that date, I will be completely honest with her in my feelings that I don't see us as the best match.
11. Someone makes a bad first impression, do you give them a second chance?
-Yes. I don't feel that you can really understand someone by a first impression.  I'm big on understanding a person before I make any decisions on them.   
12. What are your deal breakers in women?
-My biggest deal breaker is probably a woman who doesn't love kids.
Lamar with Teagan.
Photo courtesy of Lamar.
13. What is your must haves in women? 
- I make a lot of decisions based off faith, so she must share similar spiritual beliefs as I. She must be extremely loving and kind, and she must possess great motherly qualities (as all the kids I currently know will always be very important to me – not just our own kids that we'd have). She must be educated, and very confident without coming across as arrogant. Due to the nature of my work and many of the relationships I have, more times than not, I’m around a lot of people - so it'd be nice if she's able to control a crowd and conversation (not necessarily a must, but a bonus!).
14. Who is your celebrity crush? 
-Eva Mendes
15. What is one thing people would never guess about you?
-I want 2 daughters! Most people think that due to my basketball background, I want a bunch of boys. And I used to be soooo afraid to have girls...mainly because I didn't wanna have to end up beating up bad boyfriends :)  But I think there's this special bond between many sisters - it's really cute and touching to witness, and I'd enjoy being apart of that with my daughters.
Lamar in an interview.
Photo courtesy of Lamar. 
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How many people can say they have helped choose a person for a TV show? Not many, fans you can help determine if he becomes the next Bachelor. Share this interview with your friends and follow his social media accounts. Happy Bachelor Monday everyone!


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