Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bachelor: Interview With Rachel Truehart

     Rachel Truehart made it to the final six on The Bachelor: 16. Her calm, cool and collected personality was refreshing on the show. She managed to avoid conflict and look fabulous while doing so. 

Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

     I am a major fan of Rachel’s style. Her bangs and hair are as amazing. She faced her fear of sharks, went on a dancing date and had a one on one that wasn’t as awkward as it seemed. 
Rachel and Ben.
Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

     She made a lot of friends and I found out who Rachel considers her closest friends from the show, one of them is Courtney, who she considers the most misunderstood. Rachel tells The Bachelor Expert her favorite date, what hair products she uses, her favorite places to shop and more. 

Monica, Jennifer, Jaclyn, Rachel and Emily.
Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

1. What was your favorite date on The Bachelor?

     Believe it or not, it was the date in Belize when we went swimming with Sharks!!! As terrifying as it was for me since it's by far my greatest fear, it was such a great experience to do something I never in a million years thought I would be able to do (without fainting!).  Most my friends and family still can not believe I did it.   Also, Belize was just amazingly beautiful and I really love being on boats, and it was so beautiful to see the sunrise and I was there with two amazing girls, Kacie & Nicki, and we just really enjoyed the whole day.  Being woken up by Ben was kind of fun and playful too and the memory of the three of us frantically shaving our legs and armpits at 5 am in the 5 min we had to get ready is just priceless.

Rachel and Ben on their date in Belize.
Photo courtesy of Rachel.

2. Who are your best friends from the show?

     I made SO many great friends from the show which for me is the best part about it.  I keep in touch with a lot of the girls. My closest friends from the show are Elyse, Monica, Jennifer, Emily, Nicki, Kacie, Samantha, Casey, Courtney and then of course Jaclyn & Jenna who live in NYC (we see each other ALL the time I love it!!!) I wish we all lived closer so I could see them more but we plan get-togethers and keep in touch :) 

Rachel, Jenna, Monica, Kacie, Jennifer, Jaclyn and Emily.
Photo courtesy of Rachel.
3. Who was the most misunderstood person on the show? 

     I know Courtney is the most obviously answer here but I really do think it's true.  I was actually pretty close friends with her during filming and stood up for her a lot (which of course they never show!).  I think she did pull away from a lot of the girls because people didn't understand her humor and thought her intentions were wrong but she really is a sweetheart and not the evil person a lot of people think she is.  I hope people will give her a chance and not judge her just from what they saw on the show, she is SO much more than that.

Courtney, Rachel, Casey and Jaclyn.
Photo courtesy of Rachel.

4. You managed to stay out of all drama. How did you stay laid-back and cool through the process?

     I'm someone who hates conflict and wants everyone to get along so I feel like a lot of the times I was trying to smooth things over.  But at the same time we all have our moments where you get caught up in the drama (which I was very guilty of when Shawntel came back and I definitely over-reacted).  I'm a really easy going person in general so when I went on the show I wasn't going to throw that out the window just to stir the pot, I wanted to stay true to who I really was.
5. Is there anything that didn’t air that you wish we could have seen? 

     YES!!! There is a lot that doesn't air that I wish did.  On my one on one date with Ben, it looked like the whole thing was awkward and uncomfortable but we actually had some really great conversations that weren’t shown.  I talked a lot about my family and told him the story of how my parents met and were married 6 months later and still together to this day 31 years later.  I also showed him a photo album I had brought with me with pictures of my family and I do wish they had aired a little bit of that.  I don't think there was a single episode that I didn't think 'I wish they showed more'.  There is just so much footage and its only a 2 hour show and so much to fit into that time slot so it's inevitable. I think they could air a whole other show of just funny bloopers of us just goofing around!

The ladies with cone heads.
Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

6. You were one of Bachelor 16’s fashionistas. Where are your favorite places to shop?

     I must say I love H&M & TJ Maxx and I also love consignment and thrift stores around NYC.  You have to be in the mood to really dig and look through a lot of clothes but you can find some great things for great prices.  I also like Loehmann's, Nordstrom Rack & Forever 21 as well.
7. What is your go-to outfit? 

     I guess it depends on what I’m doing, where I'm going, what the weather is and even what kind of a mood I'm in.  I love clothes and playing around with mixing different things and trying to experiment a little.  I tend to wear a lot of neutrals although I am working on bringing a LITTLE more color into my life :) 

8. I think every viewer had “bang envy” for you. Your hair seemed immune to the weather. What hair products do you use? 

     That's great that is seemed like it was because it really isn't!  It's actually got a natural curl to it (if you saw my parents you would wonder why it didn't have more curl!) I think after the Belize date you can kind of see how it air dries in waves.

Rachel looking fabulous.
Photo courtesy of Rachel.

     When it comes to hair products I change it up every now and then.  My cousin is a hair dresser (she is to thank for my bangs) so she always has me trying new stuff but I do get most of it right at the salon.  I always wash my hair with a toning shampoo to keep it blonde (AG Sterling Silver Shampoo is my fave), then use a heavy conditioner (right now I am using a CHI brand).  Before blowdrying I always add a leave in that is usually an oil or lotion consistency (right now I am using Kerastase Fibre Architecte which I just discovered recently and LOVE).  Then after drying I always use my CHI hair straightener (it's a must for anyone with bangs especially if you have natural wave in your hair like I do!)  Then n after straightening I run some Biosilk silk therapy (smells amazing and works great for frizz and all over smoothing) then sometimes I use a Bed Head 'Biggie Headrush' shine spray along with a light overall hairspray.  I have pretty dry & thick hair so it can take a good amount of hair product without looking greasy.  I also love Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo powder it works wonders, I've been using it for years now.  Because my hair is more on the dry side I never wash it every day (3 times a week usually) and that stuff is great for in between washes.
9. What are your beauty essentials? 

     I MUST have mascara on.  Being blonde means blonde eyelashes so it looks like I don't have any if I don’t have mascara on.  I also always use bronzer (MAC is my fave) and a black liquid eyeliner.  I tend to just do a glossy lip, and then every now and then lately I've been trying to play around with some coral lipsticks and sometimes (but rarely) a bold red.

10. Would you go on The Bachelor Pad?

     Yeah, I definitely would!  I had a really positive and great experience on the Bachelor so I think it would be a blast to get to meet a bunch of Bachelor alumni.  I've been meeting some of them already and everyone is so nice and fun I think it would be a really cool experience and a great chance at some cash of course!
11. If so, who would be your ideal partner on the show? 

     I must admit I have not watched many seasons of the Bachelor but I have met some past contestants and everyone has been so great!  As long as they are fun and easy going I'd be happy :).

Thanks to Rachel for the interview. We are only 10 days away from Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season. Who is excited? 



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