Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Bachelorette 8: Emily Maynard's Men

The Bachelorette contestants have been released. I was very excited, because I haven't looked at any of the spoilers. I have included my thoughts on Emily's men. It is very hard to make a judgement of a person from their bio and photo. Some photos capture people perfectly like Michelle Money, but others do not do the person justice.

I won't select my final four until after the premiere.

Photo rights belong to ABC.

Aaron: Cute, his outfit is nice and I like the hair. He likes to be pursued, but so does Emily. Who will be the pursuer in this relationship? There won't be sparks flying if no one will light the match. 

Alejandro: Mushroom farmer, interesting, the earrings distract me. 

Alessandro: Is ABC trying to trip us up with these names or implement diversity? He speaks three languages and I guarantee he will use that to his advantage. 

Arie: Race Car driver! Am I shocked? No, but he is very good looking. This one is going to be a charmer.  

Brent: Seems like a nice guy, but he is a little too old for her, Unless the tattoos and Texan charm blows her away. 

Charlie: He fears rats, I hope they don't have those on the show. His motto, "live everyday like your last" is fitting for Emily. Perfect happiness for him would be "every dog fed and every child with a roof over his head." Seems caring and an appropriate age. 

Chris: Likes country music, so he is music compatible with Emily. He knows a woman likes to be pursued, he likes someone who plays hard to get, which is perfect for this situation. 

David: Singer/songwriter who is the lost brother of the Jonas family. He will try to sing his way into Emily's heart. 

Doug: Seems genuine and chose three very realistic things to take to a deserted island. 

Jackson: Fitness model, loves Derek Jeter and hates traffic. 

Jean-Paul: Marine Biologist, likes behavioral psychology and wants to prevent wars. 

Jef: Ah the one "f" missing bothers me. His worst traits are impatient, perfectionist and fun loving. Those are bad qualities? Sketchy!

Joe: Field Energy Advisor, and is equally a country person and city person.

John: Data Destruction Specialist, what in the world is that? He has a good bio. 

Kalon: I'm almost positive he was supposed to be in the Cullen family. His ideal mate's personality is "overwhelming."

Kyle: Financial Advisor, looks up to his dad and is a California boy. 

Lerone: Racial discrimination, what? He is cute and has a hysterical embarrassing moment.

Michael: Rehab Consultant, would want to be Ryan Gosling for a day (not because he is a hottie) and has a good grasp on what he wants in a mate. 

Nate: Admires his parents and their 30 year marriage. He likes to be the center of attention and has been skinny dipping a few times. Ah, no! I expect shenanigans out of this one. 

Randy: Rocking a plaid shirt (which I think Em likes). Likes football and hates when dates don't get his jokes. I personally cannot wait for his jokes.

Ryan: Pro Sports Trainer, and was given the question "who is your favorite artist?" A trainer was given an artist question? He likes making a woman feel appreciated and is not hard on the eyes.

Sean: Blonde and blue eyes, he and Emily would look fabulous together! He is from Texas and earned a scholarship for football. Sounds like a good match. 

Stevie: A Party MC, who is a romantic and finds Las Vegas the most romantic city. 

Tony: Lumber Trader, who loves humors and is romantic. 

Travis: Advertising Sales Rep, from Mississippi and believes life is too short to be unhappy. 

What are your thoughts on the guys? Please keep it spoiler free. Who is excited? We are 13 days away from the premiere.



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